“According to our estimates, the level of traffic in 2019 will not be reached until 2024, a year later than we expected,” – said the expert. According to him, by the end of 2020, the decline in traffic will be 63% instead of previously forecast of 55 percent. This is the worst year in the history of the industry. The recovery of the industry in may and June was much slower than expected, drew the attention of the Association, in the second half this trend clearly will continue. Improvement is noted only on domestic flights, international markets remain largely closed. Financial losses of the sector this year will amount to 419 billion dollars, a decrease of the average turnover doubled.

pierce said, “the forecasts largely depend on how countries cope with the pandemic coronavirus”. Many governments have been unable to stop the spread COVID-19. The vaccine can improve the situation in the airline industry.

a Particularly grim are the prospects of companies in the area of long-haul flights, such as transatlantic. Due to the large number of cases in the United States and Latin America carriers are in no hurry to resume the implementation of these flights. Besides the many businessmen, who actively used the services of these airlines, because of the crisis, were forced to limit their transportation costs and have more frequent talks in the teleconference.

the Lack of flight much an effort by the tourism sector. He’s already lost 273 billion euros, three times more than in 2009 after the global financial crisis. According to the forecast of the world tourism organization, “international tourism in the current year will be reduced by 60-80 percent.”