Living and serving in Russia, the famous Georgian jazz singer and musician Teona Kontridze in response to criticism from detractors said that “I would have chosen death from the coronavirus in Russia than from bullying in the home country”. This is the correspondent of the newspaper LOOK in Tbilisi.

Teona Kontridze said that since 1994, lives and works in Russia.

“It was a period when many Georgians have left for Russia… In Georgia was a civil war. I went to College (in Moscow), then joined the musical. Who at that time Georgia was to music?” – her words lead the Georgian media.

Teona Kontridze called on the government of Georgia, which during a pandemic is exporting its citizens from different countries, not to forget about those living in Russia.

The singer said that Russia refuses to speak of “government orders” during all the years that live in this country.

“last year, I refused to 14 concerts in the Crimea, the minimum is 240 thousand euros,” she said.

The singer urged his detractors at home to say whether they sacrificed this for the sake of Georgia.

“I think,” she said.

The singer added that he could not live in Georgia.

“This decision was taken in the period of Mikhail Saakashvili,” she said.

“My husband is Russian, my little baby is half-Russian and does not speak Georgian. Of course, they will relate to the bullying (in the case of moving to Georgia), as for all of you living in Russia, even if they die of a love for Georgia are enemies,” said Teona Kontridze.

“On the cold, frozen North I live in the great love of 25 years”, – said, in particular, the singer in her video address.