Alexander Lukashenko said that “accumulated and ate the presidential stakes.” However, he saw the citizens of Russia and Ukrainians envy Belarusians.

“most Importantly, we have avoided wars, live in safe, peaceful country where everyone who has a baby can go outside at any time of the day and be calm. We are jealous of people from other countries: our brothers-the Russians, the Ukrainians,” — said the President of Belarus at a meeting devoted to the independence Day.

Lukashenka reminded that in August the country’s presidential election. According to him, the citizens will be determined not so much with the President, but with the future of the country.

“I have done enough, I am fed up with this presidential fraction”, — he said.

The Belarusian leader noted that he decided to participate in elections not because holding on to a chair, “hanging in his bruised fingers,” and because his best years were given to the construction of the country, RBC reports.