I woke up my Ukrainian roots

Singer Lyubov Uspenskaya in Instagram told how she spends time at his vacation home during a pandemic. “The Queen of Russian chanson” complained that quarantined her hair somehow grow much faster than usual. She said another week and will be spit from the waist up.

The performer also noted that she lacks movement. She began to gain weight. Recovered recently from four kilograms. With this said, that her grandma would be happy because I have always loved chubby.

quarantined hair grows very quickly, in a week, spit will to the waist? Really gained 4 pounds, my grandmother was happy, she loved normal) during the hunger strike chubby was grabbing. Whether love, whether for food? Woke up my Ukrainian roots quarantined today cooked borsch with donuts and dressed up as hohlushka❤ this #quarantine #coronatime #virus #beautiful

Publish from Lyubov Uspenskaya (@uspenskayalubov_official) 10 APR 2020 11:13 PDT

“During the hunger strike was plump like hot cakes. Whether for love, or for food. Woke up my Ukrainian roots quarantined. Today I cooked soup with fritters and dressed like a khokhlushka”.

Note that the Lyubov Uspenskaya was born in 1954 in Kiev. Her father was the Director of the Kiev factory of home appliances.

Recall now that assumption is forced to while away the days without his beloved daughter. Tatyana Plaksina went to America, to the nines quarreled with my mother.