I pity them Basharov replied to his critics

Actor Marat Basharov said that the drafters of the petition on depriving him of his honours and titles did not have the right to decide this question, informs Starhit.

The artist pointed out that the punishment only to the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Russian President.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, in the Internet appeared the petition to deny Marat Basharova merit.

The document was published after the artist in a candid interview admitted that in his multiple marriages, often abused alcohol and beat the wives. The drafters of the petition have demanded to deprive the actor of the title of honored artist of Tatarstan and the state prize of the Russian Federation.

Basharov made clear that the initiatives of activists not afraid, because such issues are decided by the country’s leadership: in particular, the Tatarstan President, who handed him the title of honored artist, and the President of Russia, from which he received the national award.

“Therefore, those who gave, and let him deprive,” said the actor.

The actor also stressed that, for example, for beating his last wife Elizabeth Savercool he had paid, because during this time “has lost a lot of work.”

“Obviously, the people signing this petition, consider themselves arbiters. God will judge them, what do you say” – he concluded.