He is his own biggest Fan: Gene Simmons (69) after almost 50 years, closing with a Kiss, one of the most successful Bands in the history of rock music. The man with an IQ of 117 explains the reasons for this. And reveals on the phone with a VIEW also, which is why Kiss didn’t perform for US President Donald Trump.

Gene Simmons: Thank you. She just fell asleep. I am completely depressed. Death is inevitable for even the Best of us. My mother was an extraordinary woman.

she came 92 years ago in Hungary for the world, was still a Teenager when the Nazis put you in a concentration camp. Your whole family was wiped out. Only you survived. Later, she moved with my father to Israel, and six months after that, I came to the world. When I was six, and left us father. Mom and I went to America.

mother convulsed in a factory, you got stitching buttons on winter coats, for $ 35 a week. Nevertheless, she was not defeated. She remains my biggest Inspiration.

Never. She has left behind. As a self-protection. She wanted no pity. Your Motto: Every day we spend above ground is a good day.

Exactly. The least it could do, what we have is the life debt, to be happy. Imagine, God gives you only a single day. How do you spend it? You stay bored at home in front of the TV, with a big fat Hamburger in your hands? No, thank you. I’m not on TV and Fast Food. I kiss’d rather be a beautiful woman, and trying to earn money so I can eat and sleep well. I always wanted to reach the Maximum.

she had no idea of music. So we made a Deal: I was allowed to play in a Band, when I graduated from school. After school I went to College and became a teacher. By the way, I wrote for “Vogue”magazine. I always had multiple Jobs. Today! I’m not only a member of Kiss.

… and Golf courses, a Football Team, a beverage company, a Cannabis Company, I write books. I was in addition to the music, always an entrepreneur.

Because I want to be on the safe side. As the saying goes: Only a Fool carries all his eggs in the same basket. What happens when you let the basket fall?

Exactly. To put everything on one card, pays for itself in the rarest of cases. I have noticed that early on. Around me, young people with big Dreams had it. They wanted to be rock stars, movie stars, Supermodel, no matter what! And for that, they sacrificed everything. It worked in the least. In the end they had to clean somewhere plate, so that the bills are paid.

Oh, yeah, and I love money! To want more is always good. Not money is the root of Evil, but no money. Nevertheless, I stayed frugal. I don’t need no private jet, no Rolls-Royce fleet. To me, a beautiful house is not enough, I need five.

no, it’s not. These kids had no choice where they are born. You make Terrible. It is a fact that life does not treat everyone the same. We should all be aware of. The people on this side of the world have a duty to give something back. We spend enough money on stupid things that mean to us, sooner or later, nothing more.

Before each concert, we promise the Fans that you will see the hottest Band in the world. We will no longer be 75 years. In addition, our Shows are quite exhausting. I mean, I love the Rolling Stones and U2, but the need to not jumping every night two hours in 20-pound Outfits and a 20-centimeter-high platform shoes around the stage. If Yes, would you be in after 15 minutes to pass out.

But. But everyone does a farewell. Clearly I’m going to miss the many happy faces in the audience. Sky, we had a giant for the last five decades of fun! The fame, the parties, the women … Even the Pope would be jealous. But nothing lasts forever.

I’m still alive. A stupid answer, I know. But if I would not be alive, it would not give this Band too. A smarter decision was, of course, that I went with my mother to America.

I Would have stayed in Israel, I would have never made a world career. Other countries are awesome, clearly. But a world-class career as I was, you experience, is only possible in the USA. Arnold Schwarzenegger would have been no world brand, if he’d stayed in Austria. In Switzerland you can’t be a Superstar, but this means that you have to do it in the rest of the world. America was always good to me.

But surely, all the time! All the idiots that earned a lot of money, and it for drugs, women and flashy cars expenditure. How stupid! Drugs make you brain dead, cigarettes give you cancer. At some point you’ve got a beef with the wife, it comes to a divorce, you’re paying tons of alimony.

Right. However, I have been waiting for 28 years, until I made my wife Shannon for the request. I wanted to be really sure.

no, I was in the last six years, not a single day sick, never had surgery. I must not let me constantly massaging any back to get rid of pain. I’m really good together, thank God! I don’t go to the gym, I jog too. But I walk a lot, at least 10’000 steps a day. Who sits silent, whose body is to die begins.

no. I’m vain – I stand by this. I find myself still a handsome guy. And why? Because I’ve never smoked, never drank and never taken drugs. Not a single Time! Apart from a few Visits to the dentist, I was stunned never.

Nothing. I have too much money to annoy me. On the nerves the whining about Donald Trump is to me the most. Come on, people, come on! You have it in Hand. Do you want Trump, then your vote for the next Time another. That is how democracy works. Until then, comes together, works together, lives together. As peaceful as it gets. Remember: The Land belongs to those who are of a different opinion than you.

Because we are an entertainment band, not a political band. On politics one can argue until the dementia. This is not for us. We want to bring people together.

Gene Simmons came in 1949 in Israel to the world. Even as a child, he emigrated with his mother in the United States. In 1973, he founded the rock band Kiss, sold over 100 million albums. He was in a relationship with Cher (72) and Diana Ross (75). Since 1986 he is with the Ex-playboy Playmate Shannon Tweed (62), and has with her two children. Simmons had his own TV Show, has published several books, speaks besides English also German, Hebrew and Hungarian. He is also a co-owner of a Football team. On 4. July give Kiss in the Hallenstadion in her farewell concert.