last night I saw the last episode of the series about the family Asbæk and must admit that I am completely seduced by the family.

There is no doubt that it also has been the case for the instructor, Marie Skovgaard, if the smile and excitement you can easily sense.

The is there anyone who has felt provoked by, and the series has received criticism for just being mikrofonholderi for the family.

I think that several of the critics are from the old journalistic school, where it was an honour to be critical and afstandstagende to his subject.

But it is not the school, as an instructor as Marie Skovgaard comes from. Her story is not told through the critical issues and revelations. However, through a quiet, curious eye, cautiously looking in, so that we ourselves can be allowed to form the impression. Her characters are portrayed, as she has experienced them, and which they have infected her.

And for those of us who are not outraged, you are able to earn the fat and to live richly and with the art, it has been a pleasure to be with.

Gu’ is the mannered, artificial and self-centered, but it is also what makes them so lovable and entertaining.

the Last paragraph was about daddy Asbæk. Through the three sons ‘ stories, and loving suppositories we got the picture of an absent father, a preoccupied and absorbed in their own projects – life had been on his terms, and Patricia and the kids had just had to follow.

That was true enough, not an interviewer, who attacked him and asked him to account for his failure. Instead, we got to treat him a little at a distance, while he with the red ears had to look down at the tablecloth, as Pilou by a bogoplæsning came with his interpretation of his absence. It was a touching moment, which gave me one of the kinds of small experiences, you may even have with his own family, when you observe them, without they know it.

The way to tell stories can provide a significantly more power – and valuable experience than the kind that drive up its message. A self-discovery to live longer, and makes the greater impression, but it obviously requires a little more of the viewer.

I sit back with a feeling of having been invited to a damn good dinner party, one of them with good wine and good conversations – and goes even home with a little food for thought. – “Blame our parents for later in life even to acknowledge that we are not a notch better?”

For those who would rather had seen a trial where the family Asbæk had been punished for to be a bit too enviable, must of course have been a big disappointment.

Maiken Wexø

Maiken Wexø is B. T.’s head. Former TV host on MTV. She has been the head of the TV2 channels Zulu, Charlie and FRI and program director at the Discovery, with responsibility for channel 4, 5 and 6.