I have always been sygdomsangst and bakterieforskrækket. To be locked in a public space such as an airplane or a bus with people who cough and sneeze, is one of my biggest nightmares.

I’m terrified of sick children with snotnæser and co-workers with the sanding of the nose-rags. Such a game snotteklud at the meeting table for me in the category with to let lorten lie and float in the bowl. It is disrespectful and hear, not on a workplace, and therefore have I also always been a fierce advocate for a ‘stay at home if you are sick’policy at work.

But people have always shaken her head at me and thought I was a little småneurotisk. Here under corona attack my white bomuldshandske created wonder. “Why do you have a glove on and why only on the right hand?” several asked. “So I can operate the cell phone with the left, of course.” Neurotic? It is I, without a doubt. Woody Allen and I are made of the same substance. And therefore you can probably imagine how I’ve had it in these days.

the Neurotic has not actually been wide for my behavior. I have been an accomplished corona-simpleton, who, dressed in a hat pulled right down over your ears and a scarf over the nose and mouth jumped startled from the sidewalk to the sidewalk to avoid coming within two feet of the people, who looked like someone who could have been in the vicinity of China or Italy. Since I live in the midst of all turistfælderne in the heart of Copenhagen, it has been virtually all, and the ride home from the B. T. in the owners of number had therefore been a kind of ‘gakket gait’-the obstacle course, where I scarcely dared to breathe.

another challenge has been to meet someone you knew. “Shit, it’s Klaus,” I have thought and looked down in the ground, while I hoped not to be discovered. For Klaus and all the other normal people, you know, wanted to cuddle and crush, as they usually do when they greet, and it has made me terrified.

It has been stressfyldt, but once I had come home and had sprittet all the surfaces and washed hands twice, while I sang three choruses of a song, as I have learned, one must, in order to ensure that the hands were properly clean, so I could actually relax.

So I sat quietly down with a small cup of tea and a little shopping at Nemlig.com. Peeled tomatoes, canned tuna, Heinz-tomato soup, frozen peas, vacuum-packed sausage and pasta in long lines – now if I were to be put in quarantine. “Remember the eggs and dried beans, they provide protein,” wrote my mother – so I don’t have it from strangers.

Perhaps I felt the whole thing was over the top, but then it was Wednesday, and Mette Frederiksen, Denmark closed down. Now I am glad that I have been a corona-simpleton – for the cupboard is filled up, and the distance, which now calls for, is already programmed into my behavior.

Maiken Wexø

Maiken Wexø is B. T.’s head. Former TV host on MTV. She has been the head of the TV2 channels Zulu, Charlie and FRI and program director at the Discovery, with responsibility for channel 4, 5 and 6.