"Have had such a great man" – Inka Bause raves of the deceased Ex-husband

17.21 PM: The "farmer wants a wife" presenter Inka Bause is for years happily Single. Previously, she was married for many years with the composer Hendrik Bruch, with whom she had, in 1996, also a joint subsidiary. The love happiness lasted not long. In 2005, the two settled after nine years of marriage, a divorce. Eleven years later, in 2016, died Hendrik fracture. Even before that, he suffered from severe depression that had not made to live together with him easily, as Bause to "celebrity flash" told.

her year-long relationship with her Ex, and she kept well in memory: "That was just so incredibly happy, but also a difficult time, and I have a such a great daughter and I had a lot of what people my age want what they have missed", revealed the 49-Year-old. Inka Bause draws to a touching conclusion: "I must tell you, I had such a great man."

12.16 am: Ariana Grande (25, "Dangerous Woman") and Pete Davidson (24) have apparently separated. On weekends, the two have dissolved their engagement, reported the American celebrity portal "TMZ". "It was too much too soon", also cites the "People" magazine, an Insider. The separation had been for no one “shocking”.

sources close to the Couple said, according to "TMZ" that the decision to separate, not to be assumed by both sides, as both the singer as well as the "Saturday Night Live" Star stopped the time for commitment has come. The two would not exclude the possibility that they could again find each other, it said.

15. October, 6.30 PM: Kristina Bach Schlager singer and composer of such Hits as "Breathless separated by the night", and your friend is Christian Marek. The singer of "image&quot confirmed;-newspaper and provides a curious statement: "Our relationship had too much fire, and we unfortunately had no fire extinguishers." you and your now Ex-friend would probably have just had different ideas of partnership: "Every woman wants to be Princess, and some men, too." But she was sure that she and Marek remained reliable friends: "If there is a fire now at the time, the other is there for him." ddp images Kristina Bach on the after-show party after the “adventsfest der 100.000 Lichter mit Florian silbereisen”

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