the Second year of “homeland” has partnered with an amazing website (, which collected more than 1,850 journals Russians of XIX-XX centuries. The June collection is dedicated to the heroic work of physicians in peacetime and in war.

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August 24/September 6. we’ve Got some kind of rampant illness, probably brought by the Germans, they call it the Spanish flu. The temperature rises to 40 degrees, felt great weakness, headache, cough. Both of our farms had been ill with this flu, but deaths, thank God, is not enough. Still God has mercy on, probably the same, because I strictly forbade Mary L. visit the sick and ordered not to let anyone in the kitchen. It is enough that Mary L., opening abscesses, she was infected and has infected the poor mother, which became Vereda on the back.

21st left Axelrod, and horses, went after him, brought the next day Dr. Kopeliovich. When the doctor came in the evening to my mother, she was already asleep and, waking up, said, “Ich bin jetzt in einer ganz anderer Gedend, aber in einer schnen Gegend [I was going somewhere in other place, but in a very beautiful (it.)]”. This meaningful phrase, expressing the perfect truth, we were very surprised. We are so accustomed to the fact that poor mother pronounces only separate incoherent or even meaningless sounds! […]

may 25. […] Price was absolutely dying from heart disease, and when the doctor refused, he took the Christian scientist, who it completely cured. It made a great impression on us.

January 24. […] Ratner, pupil of Bekhterev – specialist in internal secretion. He lives on Furshtatskaya in the squalid luxury of a budding doctor who wants to seem famous and let people dust in the eyes. I didn’t come at the appointed hour. He accepted me as his best friend and began to disconcert me a number of questions, some usually do not ask any doctors.

– Show your belly button. Yeah!

– do you have a new wart?

– do you feel that in a dream your hands are rising up to the ceiling?

a Very long time examined my armpit and said that it is interested in my nose.

Then he began to ask me about the Crocodile, as he is interested in “the processes of my work”.

I was expecting a brilliant diagnosis, but after a long thinking he said that I did not take the soul of Charcot (whom I never intended to take!)

Then he added that I have young eyes, and deftly caught the fiver, considered their mission accomplished. […]

October 6. a Mother brought her daughter 12 years old, student, sick, apparently the flu: “Look, father, doctor, that girl did something… ekuyu in the mud Yes mud, then drove to the tour. That’s really mind-then the bosses have no estola here no! Yes, at least to see what would happen, and that the plant “Metalist”: think! the most useless, shitty zavodishko, and look sort of like it is nothing. And mud, then knee-length! Came home, and shoes full of mud, the hem mokihana, and now treat, please.” […]

January 10. Read the “Notes doctor” Veresaeva. Interesting. Shows a glimpse of “medical secret” and very truthfully and promptly says that the doctor is human too. If I honestly could tell you about myself a teacher, agronomist, lawyer, engineer, etc., can be a healthier way to identify the young man, connecting the energy and the passion of youth with the experience and mistakes of others in life. […]

July 14. Sunday. Was tonight the doctor said that it is necessary to resume the injection. In all that time I haven’t seen almost any smart doctor who loves his job and the professionally inquisitive. I conclude this profession purely formal, but to a certain degree theatrical, a terrible cliche gestures, under which nothing is hidden, except for the habit. The total amount of knowledge a penny (paramedic). The ability to synthesize no. Strangely, when a smart man is treated at the stupid doctor, it’s like reading dumb and useless book.

9 October. […] Met Pet. Konst. Kocherygin, doctor. I showed him my fingers: seared reagents, heal and burst again, and heal again, and now 4 months. – The nerve! the doctor said, now a lot of diseases due to nerves, cancer, think about cancer, very often in 30 years, and all of the nerves, just think, a cancer of the nerves! And you have this cancer, all cancer, Ah, sorry from nerves, and you know, nerves can be treated, should conditions change.

‘Well,’ I replied, ‘ the nerves at my age, everyone should be treat, I’m going to hunt and heal. – No cure! – he laughed and ran to treat people. This is the last of the Mohicans, the last of our good old runners doctors. Him from morning till night dealing with sick people, it is impossible to praise the construction. And in fact “nerves” for it is “objective reason”, a reference to a wicked time, a kind of protest. I come to him as a Philistine, with Technica, he’d just started to treat my thumbs, something anointed, well, at least advised to wear rubbers. fingertips and less irritate the skin. Now meeting with me, for it is the removal of the soul, and “nerves” this is not the case, and the philosophy or politics. […]

3 Jan. Just arrived to Chukotka Khabarov, being the head of the base Guse (Chief Directorate of the Northern sea route), at the same time as a doctor, serves all the nearest villages. Strong flu epidemic, followed by severe complications, put all the polls. In some villages the number of inhabitants-the Inuit decreased by 25 percent.

Alexander G., Khabarov, a young, stocky, with a cheerful smile on blushom the face. In the brown knife and a cotton padded suit-overalls, cheerful, energetic. All day goes yarangas, accepts patients on the basis of the leaves in the village.

6 September. Today for the whole day, I went to station Yakhroma, near Dmitrov, at the invitation of a doctor friend of surgeon A. L. Busalova, a very cute and talented. Looked surgery (gastric cancer), which he did. Three times was dizzy, but not faint came: not allowed, went into the next room. The operation took place under local anesthesia, the old man was lying and answered questions. In one hour managed. By all accounts, this doctor is positively a virtuoso. […]

August 24. […] Theodoric still not quite recovered from the ill-fated sausage. The night he was vomiting. Looking for Krenkel with anxiety: his face is green, it is haggard and thin. Our doctor Petr Petrovich Shirshov swears and shouts that Teodoric not comply with his instructions. He stands in the tent and seriously resembles:

– If you want to go home healthy, know this: every word must be your law. Otherwise I do not answer for the consequences.

Theodoric loves his family, wants to, of course, to return home healthy and solemnly pledged that henceforth all instructions Pyotr Petrovich will be performed implicitly: he will strictly observe the regime. Now he is not eating nor korikov, no chocolate, and is preparing itself for “diet food” – rice porridge. […]

5 June. I was in Moscow, writing Professor Kuznetsk helped form the MSU clinic in the urology Department. Here I learned what it means the expertise of urology. Simple doctor gave me a cystoscopy so that in an hour I was fine and I went. Avtozavodskaya in the hospital I have 3 days to recover after the cystoscopy, the clinic Pozdrava the whole day was warmer, but here in an hour and was OK. The conditions are good, no diet, I love it here, and the doctors and the situation. Doctor woman, with all the examinations students have to endure: shame to show the feeling of pain – usually clench their teeth, so the pot stands. […]

June 30. Thursday. Smolensk. Today, a little more feeling better from the disease. In the morning went to the hospital. Again, looked me all over the doctor Guavina. Gave his opinion that the wines I do not drink. Wine should be abandoned. And said of wine, you Izmailov, we must categorically refuse, otherwise you are a goner. Will die soon, everybody’s heart is very weak. That is my examination. Of course, I was pleased with the words of the doctor Garavini. After this incident, disease wine drinking and tobacco Smoking will not ever! Try to keep your health and your life.

22 Jan. […] Yesterday was at the dentist. Horror! Came to 2 o’clock. He I was drilling. What a terrible pain! First nicheth. Only unpleasant. Then gradually the pain begins to increase. The increasing pain I (doctor) stronger pull by the sleeve. Finally I can’t take it anymore and struggling with a groan, yanking back her hand. The head is poured by lead, I do not think. She starts digging into the tooth. Getting better. So a few times. Finally, she said.

– Go, and hours in 4, 4.30 coming. I want to consult. You have a very interesting case.

Her well – “an interesting case!” And I? […] Come back to four. Suitable other doctor. Which I was, saying,

– see Here.

She looks.

we Have to open.

I’m a little revealed. Don’t want to torture him. Send it back (?)

– what’s the difference? After all, there (?) is also open. It is better sooner!

– you Want him to reveal?


Move to the other chair. On the windowsill is waiting for a boy. She told him:

– See, he (I!) will not cry.


– don’t know – maybe I will. […]

she Began to me “open”. She is not like the first doctor. She stared jerks. Press and let go. Often gives a bit of rest.. Finally told that everything. Come have the 24th in the morning. […]

22 Aug. Life is very monotonous. From six a.m. until six or seven p.m. we do every day in nursing school (including travel). The daily night bombing sometimes holed up in the basement, “furnished” under the shelter.

And then there’s three or four days ago to me an unexpected story. One of the practical classes at the pirogovka during a crawl wounded and I lost consciousness. They stood and listened to the doctor looked at the bandage with a bloodstain, and suddenly everything swam before my eyes. Woke up lying on a hospital bed. In disbelief saw that there were concerned faces of the students and even patients themselves, and on the head and the heart – wet towel. I was awfully upset. Why is that? Is organic the inability to work in medicine? The doctor soothes: nothing, it happens…

I Decided to test myself. And suddenly not be able to be a nurse?

a few days went in a large surgical audience on one of a complex of operations – the amputation of the legs of the young girl. Specifically sat in the front row. Looked and looked, never averting his eyes. Survived. So, it’s not “organic inability”. Simple, obvious, tired and malnourished. […]

January 8. […] operating near the set for us the table was another, which to my delight was operated on George. When I entered the operating room, he was standing with dilated eyes and outstretched over the wounded half-bent right arm with a scalpel. With me, he didn’t say hi, and I thought – well, he was there: at a difficult time George will provide the necessary guidance. The fact that the surgeon I’d never work�� and after graduating from medical school was engaged in research and teaching work, during which I had to do complex, including abdominal surgery, but on animals. When I said this Sergienko, he said to me: “a medical degree do you have?” “Yes,” they say. “Get to work. Do you not see what happened?” Of course, I knew that a long processing even minor injuries can lead to complication of gas gangrene.

meanwhile, by George Pavlovich moved up a scrub nurse and nudged him. George quickly leaned over the wounded and went to work. At the operating table he was standing for about 2 days and from time to time, being in the same position as I found him, asleep with open eyes, until it was taken out of this state.

January 25, Leningrad. I operated on the unfortunate lady in the dressing room admissions. This room is considered the most warm. However, the temperature there was not above 7 . Steam rose from the abdominal cavity when it was opened. I was forced to go to laparotomy as the infringement has already lasted nine days, and the circumference of the hernia SAC was an obvious phlegmon. I finished with a relatively good General condition of my patients. On the third day of the operation she died. I think she just froze, as in our recovery room temperature is about 0 .

in Spite of such conditions of our patients, patients however do. The doctor on duty in the emergency room strongly discouraged coming from their mad step, but ill still lie in spite of everything, explaining that at home they are even worse.

From my point of view, hospitals are useless, the sick, they still aspire. Go here, believing that there can find help. Good glory, but now we live only in the past. Every day at the gate of the hospital in the morning to find the corpse of a man. […]

June 28. Today, I read in the paper what had long been hoping to read: Dr. Sokolsky, who cured me of the typhus, was awarded the medal “For military merit”. I would order gave him. Sent him a congratulatory letter. […]

July 23. […]operating on the table laid a man, 28 years old is almost a young man with a delicate pale face, light hair on my forehead were twisted and stuck together from sweat, oozed from the terrible pain and strong tension of nerves.

Left thigh completely shattered, the wound is ragged and filthy. When the doctor bent down to examine the wound, the patient sat up and imploringly looked at him: “Do with me what you want, only what you need, I can take it, but not very painful!” Needed a great effort of will to keep from crying.

the Doctor began the operation. The wounded man made no sound, only the blood bite lips yeah squeezing my hand with such force that her seemingly squeezed in steel pincers, and from his eyes flowed slowly, large, transparent drops of tears.

After, when we carried it to our room, tucked her in, placed him on the nightstand flowers, he smiled. And so it was joy from that smile, she was the greatest gratitude and reward.

Then we could not resist, asked the doctor, that he will save his leg. He replied with a bitter smile: “Look, I’m white because each suffer as a native son.” These words were so sincere that only then, at this moment, it became clear to me how noble and high a surgeon.

July 30. […] the Work was very difficult. After several days of rain, the operating drip. Had to hang the ceiling with oilcloth on the operating table. The wounded man on the table was protected, and the surgeon dripping on his head, for the neck on the robe.

Needed a donor, I asked the Commissar to call it. The Commissar sent the donor a military paramedic Maksimov, accompanied by a military doctor Kozyrev, on the grounds that other doctors will not be able to take her blood. In other words, an attempt is made to discredit the local doctors. In response to this I gave my blood, and it took me to the doctor Leykin. […]

February 23. On the operating table was laid heavily wounded Commissar of the regiment senior battalion Commissar comrade. GOLDSTEIN. The operation lasted ten minutes, began when the reinforced artillery bombardment and one of the shells lit up the house in which occurred the operation. Saving the building was impossible, soon the whole building engulfed by flames. Commissioner field hospital invited doctors to cease operation. In response, the doctor calmly said:

– life of the commander in danger, I continue the operation. – All aboard! Listen to me.

it took about twenty tense minutes, and the operation continues. The fire penetrated into all the rooms, approaching the operating room. Surgery door though were tightly closed, but the smoke began to get into it, squeezing the breath was in her. The operation is still continued. Finally imposed last seam. The doctor quickly straightened up and wearily said, “Everything is ready, immediately take out!”. Life Commissioner was saved. After two or three minutes they left the building.

Once for about five minutes and the whole house was engulfed in flames, and ten minutes later collapsed. The tired doctor sat near a tree, not noticing that his smoldering robe. […]

March 29. […] the Nurses they work like oxen. Their endurance and patience

– marvel… Three people and injured hundreds, most of them passengers on stretchers. Two days without sleep. And attention, care for soldier unusual. Look, admire and proud of.

November 5. […] Wet, dirty back in the eighth hour to the hospital. The doctor on duty for me as commander of the nasel. I gave him to speak, burning with ��it flew off.

the Doctor! The hell I need your treatment! As soon as you fix me, will they shoot me! Do you understand that? – I briefly told him the matter. The doctor some time silently staring at me, then a gentle girlish voice urged me to take medicine, began to measure temperature.

may 17. […] After a great conversation with IDA and Clara decided to write. Spoke, basically, about medicine, about cancer. But how many interesting, new! IDA told about one operation of sapsago. Initially, the patient removed the lower lip and lymph vessels to the first rib. After 3 months he comes back to the surgeon: cancer on the upper lip. He removed and upper lip, and eyes. Remains bone cover, covered with skin, which was vilasini as the film. It takes 3 months and that’s when there was a doctor on rounds, again comes this patient: “Doctor, save me!” It turns out that the tumor had gone to his nose, above and to the bone.

the Doctor said that this is a very serious matter, you need to either lose half of the bones of the face, or to die. Yes, in fact, in the first case, this outcome is not unrealistic. The patient said that I agree, but only to save his life (apparently, the patient had his head and understood, more than anyone, that life is only complete happiness on earth). So IDA said that when he did the third surgery, half of the students had fainted, so it was scary, scared to even the words.

June 21. Just got home yesterday from the hospital. Lying in the factory hospital bed. Turns out I had appendicitis, and very serious. But it turned out all right. 11, on the night before work I went to the hospital. There I was examined and immediately sent to the hospital. In the morning the next day, operated. I survived, but then was in pain. Especially when the cough began. Lay five days without getting up. Initially gave only the oil but the tea, then began to give the gruel semolina and fruit compote or jelly. A quarter of the day gave the crackers a bit. In the afternoon I was given chicken broth. And just when it took 5 days, started to give bread and lunch. And that meat is not allowed. In the restroom I didn’t go seven and a half days.

In General, appendicitis and called the operation a very unpleasant thing.

Now that all numbers to the 1st pass at the hospital. Nothing hard to do. Also need to eat with caution – take it easy. This, of course, all the first time, and then it’s business as usual.

the Hospital is equipped well. Each bed – supra-aural, the button of the electric bell. The sheets are clean. The service is good. Books. In the yard there is a nice garden, fountain. In General, this is a very good thing for sick workers, have a place to recuperate and relax. I was operated on the doctor Grachev Const[Antin] Alexander[ovich]. The surgery went well and successfully. Anyway, he’s very goodOSI, simple people.