Musician Andrei Makarevich may sue the Deputy of city Council of Novosibirsk Sergey Bondarenko. About this Makarevich himself said, “Rise.”

Bondarenko, as reported by the “Rambler”, — the Deputy of Novosibirsk city Council from the party “United Russia” and the Director of the funeral home “THEY.” On 13 September in Novosibirsk will hold elections for city Council. Bondarenko will take part in them.

Some time ago in Novosibirsk have appeared on campaign billboards of the Deputy. In them he depicted himself in the background of the Russian flag with the wrong sequence of the stripes, the logo of the “United Russia” and the line “In a storm only stronger hands” from the song “For those who in the sea” group “the time Machine”.

“He (Bondarenko. — Approx. ed.) it (used the song “time Machine”. — Approx. ed.) made illegal,” — said the leader of the group Makarevich today.

He stated that he does not know Bondarenko, he had not contacted him for permission to use lines from one of his songs, he does not agree to such use, because United Russia has never been his hero, and thinks he’ll sue the Deputy, demanding not only to remove the billboards, but also compensation.