The participants of the project “House-2” to tears upset Olga Buzova.According to her, they manage to find grievances. So, one of them complained about the lack of the intimate life within a couple of months.

Olga was extremely disappointed at such selfishness. Broadcast TV “vs Borodina Buzova” she said that surveys conducted in Paradise retreat in the Seychelles, the guys are all conditions for life.

“to tell You now how people live in the country? You live on the island of love, you are protected maximally from the coronavirus that now exists. You have everything – sea, ocean, food, food. You crazy? When I hear that someone is bad on the island, I became ill because I read the news every day and see what happens in the country”, – quotes the words of the presenter Т

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Buzova urged all members not to follow the example of certain guys from the show “Dom-2”, and to think not only about themselves but also about those people who are significantly worse than the participants of the infamous TV show.