FC Copenhagen-captain Carlos Zeca sitting in a situation, which goes straight into the stomach of any family man.

Corona-the epidemic rages across Europe, but the captain can not be together with her two daughters in this difficult time.

For Carlos Zeca sitting alone in Copenhagen, while the children live with their mother in Portugal.

Therefore, he is accustomed to be separated from them, and suffer a great hardship, but when a global health crisis continues, makes it more evil than usual.

It explains Carlos Zeca in a session on Facebook, where he responds to questions from the FCK fans.

“It is very hard to be away from my family – especially my daughters. I know that they are in good hands, and I speak with them every day, but I miss them very much, so I am really looking forward to see them again. We skyper and facetimer much,” says Carlos Zeca.

And when he asked about what super powers he will have, fall the answer then also promptly:

“to be able To fly! Then I can come home to my daughters in Portugal faster.”

Carlos Zeca has in the past in a great interview with B. T. explained how he is now through the four years has had to deal with missing daughters in his everyday life.

“It is really hard for me, and I miss them very much. It is not easy to go four or six months before I see them. But I am doing it for them also.”

“I know, I have the time to enjoy life with them and watch them grow up. What I do is to give them a better life. A life I had, without the stress.”

“I will give my girls a better life. It was not, because my life was bad, and I am very happy to have someone like my mother to take care of me. I will make sure that when they grow up, they can get their own place and build on something,” says Carlos Zeca, among other things in the interview.