the Phenomenon of longevity for several years engaged in one of the priority research of Belarusian scientists. Statistics, which is always based on true facts, said that Blue-eyed to the beginning of this summer was 43 980 elderly people aged 90 to 99 years, and 428 people have already crossed the centenarians.

this was announced on 15 June the head of the center for active aging, an expert on gerontology of the Ministry of health Lyudmila Zhylevich, BelTA informs.

by the Way, local sources recall that at the beginning of this year only in Minsk lived 6567 men and women who turned ninety-year milestone. However, among Belarusian long-livers more than 90 percent of women, and a strong half for this indicator is much inferior to the better half of mankind.

it Should be clear that Belarus according to this indicator stands out against the backdrop of a global trend. In almost all countries of the world, explained Zhilevich, the highest life expectancy was observed in women.

although scientists continue to argue about the causes of this phenomenon, there is a hypothesis that to reach old age, they help the more “well-developed communication skills, ability to establish and maintain close relationships with people, less conflict and more attention to their health throughout life.”

According to experts, there are more centenarians living in the Vitebsk region. Moreover, the greatest number recorded among the rural population. As a rule, “they are a strong starter who is accustomed to the constant physical labor, fresh air and natural food,” – said the expert.

In the center of active aging, she said, conducted a survey among people aged more than a hundred years. Scholars interested in particular, I regret the veterans in his later years that they consider most important in life and what advice would give to youth, to prolong active life.

All interviewees bitterly stated that “often enough communicated with family and friends, did not have time to tell them of all the good words.” It unites the long-lived a positive Outlook on the world and life activity. As for the wishes of the younger generation, the Council were unanimous: “it is necessary constantly to work, and then old age, for you can not keep up,” – concluded Ludmila Zhilevich.