How to Gourmets like to say: The eye eats. This is also true for cars. The compact hatchback athletes, Hyundai i30 N, with its 275 HP, a small riot rifle. Drives great and sounds the part, too. But pretty? Because of its technical twin, Coupékleid, twelve inches long and three inches shallower i30 N Fastback looks, yet a bit more elegant. However, the shape of which is somewhat at the expense of the function. Is the trunk of the coupe compared to the twin with the hatchback, although a good 50 liters bigger, you sit back as an adult due to the flat outlet end of the roof line is significantly less comfortable. In addition, the coupe architecture (flat rear window and wide C-pillars) to restrict the visibility for the driver (angled), rear unpleasant. The wars but with Gripe.

From civilized to cocky

The Ride feel in comparison to the shorter and ten pounds lighter Hatchback no differences. The driving performance data (6.1 s for the sprint to 100 kph and 250 km/h top) are identical. Of course, the coupe can be, depending on the desire (and the push of a button on the left and the right below the steering wheel spokes) of civilized (Eco and Normal) to super dynamic (Sport and s) to move. Particularly impressive, the latter two modes are, of course. The engine sound Normal and Eco unobtrusively, in the Sport – and N-mode – and so rülpsts the gas path take tubes time naughty from the two exhaust. The direct steering is noticeably heavier, the close-fitting suspension with adaptive dampers even harder. You realize that the Korean models to fine-tune your sporting N-on the Nürburgring-Nordschleife. The electronically controlled differential lock that works in curves is excellent, in spite of the power of 275 HP to the front wheels are overwhelmed by the Power.

Fair price

you will be Overwhelmed by the price of the Hyundai i30 N Fastback. The more elegant appearance compared to the more compact hatchback variant proposes only 900 francs extra charge to book. And with an eye on the competition, the 39’390 Swiss francs is a fair offer.

the 2.0-l I4 turbo diesel, 275 HP (202 kW), 353 Nm (Overboost: 378 Nm) 1450 rpm (Overboost: 1750/min), manual 6-speed manual, front-wheel drive
performance: from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.1 s, top 250 km/h
weight: length/width/height 4,46/1,80/1,42 m, weight 1595 kg load space 436-1337 liters
factory test-consumption: 7,8/8,3 l/100 km = 178/193 g/km of CO2, energy efficiency of G
list price: 39’390 Swiss francs