Hyundai wants to continue riding on the N-wave of success. The first sports model from the Korean brand, the i30 N, is managed. 9000 piece has sold Hyundai before, most of them in Europe. In Switzerland, every fourth sold i30 is a N-Version. So it’s no wonder that Hyundai nachliefert equal to the next N-model. After the five-door hatchback the i30 comes with the four-door coupe to Fastback as a rapid N and released in the area of the Mercedes CLA, the AMG Version is also coming this year on the market.

The facts about the i30 Fastback N

Like the five-door Hyundai) also offers the Fastback in Switzerland, only the stronger Version, with 275 HP and 353 Nm (Overboost 378 Nm for up to seven seconds. The Turbo four-cylinder accelerates the sleek sedan in 6.1 seconds to 100 kph. Thus, the i30 Fastback N is on par with the VW Golf GTI Clubsport. The maximum speed is 205 km/h, the fuel consumption of the Hyundai is 7.8 liters per 100 kilometers.

Brisk Start

Everything mention just value, if Hyundai would not have included his sports coupe a couple of delicacies, which the competitors are not offering and sports car drivers is quite Fun, too. So there is a standard, for example, a Launch Control. Not necessarily for the traffic light to start, but for the weekend, for example, on the Nordschleife. Clutch in, first gear, gas pedal to full – release the clutch and off you go. With no slippage and spinning wheels, the i30 Fastback N accelerates almost like a race car.

From soft to hard

in normal driving, the four-cylinder sonorous sounds, and the sports exhaust system with variable valve control provides for even more Sound. In the N-mode (via a button on the bottom right on the steering Wheel activate) is available as a Bonus, also double-declutching when downshifting. During the Normal mode from the i30-N is a more comfortable everyday car, the Sport setting for more driving fun. Basically, the i30 N is designed for fast Driving. The chassis has been completely revised and provides a fast and safe cornering, the steering response is very direct and precise, the six-speed manual shift, runs crisp through the gate (a dual-clutch transmission to give it next year), the brakes bite. The rear has a Spoiler on the tailgate for output.

Inside, sports seats provide side support and a surprising amount of comfort. The Hyundai i30 Fastback N is now from 39’390 Swiss francs, 900 Swiss francs, more than the five-door model.