While in Moscow, the townspeople rejoice in the opening of cafes and amusement parks in other parts of the COVID-19, it seems, and doesn’t give up. The wide resonance was caused by the social networks record the conversation Manager “ambulance” Norilsk with a local resident. With tears the woman begs me to send her the “ambulance.” In desperation, sick offers even 50 thousand rubles. But the Manager is adamant, – “fast” will not go because of a ban. That is happening now in the industrial center in the middle of the tundra of the Taimyr Peninsula “MK” has learned from Norilsk.

“Ambulance is not engaged in temperaturewise patients. COVID not COVID – “fast” does not go to such challenges, forbade us. Doctor today you come to please him all the tests… We don’t do that kind of hysteria? We were forbidden, we have orders. Physicians left in the city. What do you want? I am now a team at recess comin or what? They already can hardly move. I do not want to cry! You think I pity you? Sorry for all. The whole city is sick. You know, we have an epidemic in the city! We have no one to save people, will be coming soon!”, 1.5 minute excerpt can be heard sobbing sick and tired Manager. All in all, the conversation lasted about 7 minutes, during this time, the Manager slapped a lot of advice, but an ambulance was not sent.

In the administration of Norilsk and the territorial Department of the Ministry of health of the Krasnoyarsk region, local media confirmed the authenticity of this call. In addition, the authorities noted that no official orders not to take people with fever do not exist, and the cause of failure of norilana was the psychological breakdown Manager. It, by the way, was suspended from work.

However, as practice shows, the lack of “official” order does not mean that there are no internal oral instructions to physicians were reported. On the contrary, according to locals, all of it is true.

the Manager can understand, – said Olga norilana. In clinics people for a few hours sitting in queues to get to the therapist, about any of the records in advance and not talking. Unilateral, bilateral, seasonal pneumonia – that’s the main diagnosis. “Seasonal” – in July, even funny! But everything is already back to work: shops, kindergartens. Particularly difficult situation of the miners in the mines. They descend into the mines in a special cleto for 20 or even 50 people, close to each other. What is the distance?

since the beginning of the pandemic in the Krasnoyarsk region recorded 10628 confirmed cases, of which Norilsk is “owned” only 825 inhabitants. Here, however, it is worth noting that only on Monday, July 13, one of them added 101 confirmed in the laboratory test COVID. This is a huge figure in relation to the total Chi��La infected in the city can only talk about the fact that the city is mines and venison stands on the verge of an epidemic.

In the media and social networks have repeatedly emerged history that people don’t hospitalitynet even dwustronna pneumonia. People are treated at home, visit each other’s homes “to prick”. The situation is complicated by the fact that many Norilsk left to spend their long vacation in the regions with more favorable environmental conditions and simply cannot help family members remaining on the Peninsula.

– we Have a state in the state – continues to Olga. – When anywhere on the mainland began to relax the quarantine, we also have it happened. Only here the peak of the disease is now, and the authorities pretend that it should be. Journalists are not allowed no, all you need to pass a two-week quarantine. But it is only now, when a wave from the beginning of June. Prior to that, everyone who arrives from the mainland to Alykel, just brought from the plane, one bus into town and then go about their business.