fog settles over the Furka pass, and makes this Scene even more awesome: We watch quasi – “The Fast and The Furious” live, and dive into a Parallel car world. The first Bugatti. A. And one more. How real that became illusions of a gasoline wet boys dream you breeze past us: a EB110, two Veyron’s, two Chiron. Then Ferrari Enzo, LaFerrari, F40, F50. We almost missed two – uh, tee – Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1, and Senna. And one of only eight built Alfa Romeo Disco Volante to look for how he disappears in the fog.

A Ferrari 599 Nibbio by flits. Wow! The other day, he is sprinting in Ambri TI on the old airfield there Hyper cars give Once in the car’s life full – throttle, as he was not a valuable, well-to-well two million francs expensive rarity.

Swiss Hypercar club

Welcome to the Supercar Owners Circle (SOC), in the year 2014 of the Swiss Florian and Stefan Lemberger as well as Niels Schäfer a successful event company instead of just a club, and for the fifth Time host of a long Weekend, and Andermatt, UR, around the luxury, founded, in the meantime, a quasi-Chedi hostel into the global epicenter of the Hyper cars transformed.

Before the mind’s eye a great fighter against the movie plays immediately. Spoiled Rich Kids that daddy’s money in Magnum champagne bottles and screaming-coloured Lamborghini implement? This is actually all nonsense! Not only because there are hardly Lamborghini has not, since, for example, a “normal” Aventador is sufficient for the membership (it should be rare, so at least the Aventador super veloce).

Discreetly, instead of degenerates

But because the SOC is not a club for Prahlhanse, the mistake in the Occasion-Maserati of Zurich Bürkliplatz tubes and swank with Prestige. Rather is it an International car fans in the world, with a fine car collections, and a Gentlemen’s Club for people who have so much money that you no longer have to show it. The selection is very strict, the number of members is limited, and the atmosphere informal. Wearing Girard-Perregaux, instead of gilded Rolex watch, even for Nike Balenciaga, and somehow we are missing here, only, Ralph Lauren, because he is a Car Guy and here so many of his Polo shirts harm. Horacio Pagani himself is there. No wonder, we count eight Pagani, including one of only five Huayra Imola for an estimated three million francs. Madness! And no wonder, traveling to hundreds of onlookers on.

Time of driving – instead of “standing witness”

respect, because most of such vehicles to degenerate into regrettable sterile collection-“standing witnesses”, which are then gold plated years later at auctions. Here you go. We meet one of the 77 Aston Martin One-77, and one of six Koenigsegg One:1 with 1360 HP. The drives, like all in the convoy over the Furka, the Gotthard and the oberalp pass, as he fondled auctioned off 4.6 million francs (at that price recently one). At the Diner, SOC, boards, members and guests in the Restaurant of the Chedi, but also changes in the underground garage, in the middle of Oldies: Ferrari 250 SWB, all the Bugatti’s and Koenigseggs.

discretion is the order

But gas talks remain even with a plump wallet holding petrol talks. Clear set betrayed scraps, such as: “The Aston is in Monaco,” that ma has it to do with car fans, the times just three million Swiss francs for a car to spend and so a statistic from Bugatti about Chiron-the buyer – have an average of 42 cars, and 2.7 private jets and 1.2 yachts. Only the desire for quotes closes doors. As stated by us exotics owners? “As soon as you mention the name, I’m not a good doctor, but a more expensive doctor” – the fear of the envy of society.

Powerplay without puberty

But conceit stand? Fail display. You chat and joke with You. Of course, money can’t buy taste, we could now complain about those Gumball-Mercedes-AMG, the driver can let the fingers of his silly American police siren. An exception to this, because as much as all of the car fans to stay in the heart of little boys and girls, the Pubertal missing here. The car-secret order verkneift itself, Drifts, noise orgies, speed excesses. You can find it, although obscene, is that it goes to locked pass roads: the throttle is opened, under police protection. But also for Work roads are blocked and hundreds of cars Potter loads around the Chedi next to the Upper-Class – the Three-star hotel industry.

Little sense, but Fun

Clear Hyper cars in Andermatt (which is just one of the many SOC Events) to be zero sense – but also (just as an example) RS-Version of a civic, Skoda Octavia and the holiday trip to Rimini (I) make less sense than simply Fun. In contrast to the SOC, we don’t compensate for it, no CO2, and donations such as the SOC for good purposes. Every old Golf Diesel is probably a bigger mess than a Bugatti, which drives anyway, just a few kilometres in the year. We ponder: Our view of the world wavers, but of the world, which would of course look different.

So the question is, why is it that we view from all over the world traveled to shareholders of a maximum of mobility even in Jeans at the end that you have made your luck. Hm. To us it seems to be perfect fitting pants. With precious or Mass Jeans at H&M purchased can’t keep up, I guess. Like cars, Jeans are always two different Pairs of pants.

the Alfa and Jeep on the SOC 2019

Except Ferrari ran at the SOC in Andermatt, other group products of Fiat-Chrysler. A Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk about – because SOC members in the everyday “normal” cars, and Alfa and Jeep at the Sprint at the airfield in Ambri TI the Hyper cars demonstrate 510 Alfa-HP and 700 were able to: (!) Jeep-PS with hold from 0 to 100 km/h, with 3.8 and 3.7 s in the case of good Start with McLaren and co. At Alfa-control, Sacha Prost (29, photo), son of F1 legend Alain Prost sat on it.