Although it undeniably has something of the charm of the Festival to be able to walk around with greasy hair and dirty pants without being judged, so one need not to be decidedly clammy.

B. T. gives you eight tips to be less creepy:

Cut the nails down.

Your fingers are an important tool at the Roskilde Festival.

Right from the hyggefinger in a iglotelt to a long man in the fadølskruset, when you carry four with one hand to download for the friends.

But while you rarely encounter warm water and soap at the Roskilde Festival, you can even do much to cut the nails down so they don’t save all the bacteria.

And no, long nails are not clean just because the dirt is hidden behind the nail Polish, or because the nail is artificial.

Keep you from the swimming lake

It is tempting to swallow in the swimming lake in order to rinse off the dirt of the body. But remember that all this dirt the ends up a place.

In 2010, lake f.ex. closed down by the authorities, because a test showed that it was filled with piss, shit and too many kolibakterier.

Select your partner with care

And if the lake can be SO creepy of that festival guests have bathed in it, it must mean that people are really soggy.

So if you absolutely can not let liderligheden be at home, so choose your partner with care.

You can f.ex. check, whether they’ve cut her nails down.

And use for god’s sake a condom – for a number of reasons.

Wash your hair at the hairdresser

There is not much luxury over the Festival, but yet you want a bit of spa feel without going all in, then take to the hairdresser inside the town of Roskilde.

Here you can, for a modest amount get a hair wash and cuddled a little in the scalp, while you may be lucky to get a break from the festival’s alternative programme of music and rest your ears for a little music on the P3.

work out the thighs, to a good squat

Within the festival it is a good idea to work out your bass-arm and prepare the calf muscles on several days of hiking from the east to the west to the east. But also the thighs should be trained up before you take off.

you Can keep a good squat over the toilet, you can also keep baglår and bum free of nasty toiletbrætter.

Keep you from the fence

It can be tempting to place his tent in the outskirts of the marked camping areas, so you can easily find the entrance and avoid the fall over the cords after a wet Robyn-concert.

But remember that on day three will be kvadratmeterne in front of the fence turned into one big lake of piss, when many tissetåre accumulates.

Spot a queue with women

please Note that we do not claim that men are klammere than women, but you will avoid to get into a toilet that has a reek of bad tømmermandsmave, it can still be an advantage to choose the toiletkø with the fewest men in the.

A good rule of thumb says that, if a man just had to pee, so he had most likely chosen to drop the queue and make it out by the fence.

Plan your restroom

Roskilde Festival changed last year the indelugtende festivaltoiletter out with drag and drop and a touch of luxury.

But a toilet is never cleaner than its last cleaning.

So that you can benefit from the charm you check on the volunteers at the toiletvognene, explore the festival grounds and find out the time of day that the respective toilets are cleaned.

On the way you’ll always know where the cleanest toilet is located, when this hotel promotes itself.