the German Authorities are planning to 2030 transfer of a part of gas pipelines in H2, reports DW. The EU strengthens fight against climate change, so Berlin is going to become a world leader in the implementation of H2 technologies in various fields.

In the near future the German government will prepare the state program on development of hydrogen economy. In particular, there will be a written translation by 2030, part of the highly developed German gas pipeline system for transportation of H2.

In the future, the German authorities can use those pipelines, which are currently pumped through the territory of Germany, the Russian natural gas. For example, OPAL and Eugal. They are associated with two key European projects of “Gazprom”, because they are terrestrial extensions of marine pipelines “the Northern stream” and “Nord stream-2”. As noted, the German daughter of “Gazprom” Gascade such plans, in principle, supports.