Hvil (Ukraine): it is impossible to parasite on the middle Ages in the minds of people and to modernize the country

coronavirus Ukrainian history is not about “good” (empathic, etc.) Nations. And about the basic systemic things that create the necessary conditions to make the optimal from the point of view of society’s development and actions. And that disaster in education, medieval ideas about health, zero level of public communication is a fact. “Coronavirus” the crisis has finally put the question bluntly: it is impossible simultaneously to parasite on the middle Ages in the minds of people (winning elections) and at the same time trying to modernize the country.

the Road to recovery begins with diagnosis and acceptance of the fact of the disease. But all the headlines from the series “the Ukrainians are hostile and angry”, “the Nation has gone from a sacrifice of independence to my business” — is not about that. It is better to ask the question of why the anniversary of the execution of the Heavenly Hundreds in the information field are in the lead it is these stories, in this context? Guess three times who benefits from it. Is it correct to compare on contrast today’s picture of human actions (Ternopil and New Sanzhary) with independence six years ago? I think not. It is important to understand the otherness of these stories.

Every person acting under the influence of desires and fears. The desire of the Maidan is to change the life of the country and to prove that the dignity and freedom can’t break even with fire and death. And fear — that Berkut and titushki win, and the country will not change. These are desire and fear are related to the human needs for self-esteem and self-actualization.

the People who made the tires on the region and block the road in Novye Sanzhary — seems to be the same Ukrainians, but with different desiresmi and fears that are associated with basic human need — to survive, to be safe. The biological need for survival is the same for all individuals of the species Homo sapiens. To condemn them, to criticize, to appeal to higher values and higher order needs (respect, beauty, behavior, self — realization) – are not covered basic needs for survival and safety, all loud calls for those people will be like peas on the wall, sorry.

“people panic, they are each other’s wind and crying, there are rumors and fakes”, — writes the witness of the New Sanjar. Why rumors and fakes? Elementary: an informational vacuum is always filled with negativity, in all situations.

were people able to get other information? Thought at least some of the decision makers how to deliver this information? Analyzed the condition of main blood vessels and capillaries, which disperses the information in the state? Honestly, I’m not sure that someone even thought about it! Picture of the information space of the regions and the level of public communication is the horror, the weeping and shame.

the ContextSanatorium, which are quarantined evacuated from China's Hubei province UkrainiansCountry: “We wanted to convey to the country that we are still here in Wuhan”Country.ua23.02.2020 Apostrophe: who is to blame for the riots in New СанжарахАпостроф22.02.2020 Apostrophe: to protests in New Sanzhary were involved adept of the “Russian world”?Апостроф22.02.2020 About the middle Ages in the minds of people — at last this fact is talking aboutotkrovenno loud. This crisis finally put the question bluntly: it is impossible simultaneously to parasitize on this, the middle Ages (winning elections) and try to modernize the country. Is determined by values and goals. And then there will be doubts and contradictions that the senses produce and broadcast: “the Battle of psychics” or about science and critical thinking.

the Road to recovery begins with diagnosis and acceptance of the fact of the disease. Disaster education, medieval ideas about health, zero level of public communication — this is a fact and the starting point for today.

Digital is not a panacea! Enough already about the state in the smartphone, let’s first create the state in the minds! Already experts, scientists, psychologists don’t just talk but shout: the biggest threat to humanity in the XXI century it digital dementia. Google, Wikipedia, plenty of free information online, plus gaps in education lead to the fact that people could live in peace, without downloading into the brain of basic knowledge about themselves and the world in which he lives. But the human brain can only operate on the information, which a person downloads in there: reading, learning, gaining professional experience and the like. If you do not load the brain with information — it will not be there, there is nothing to operate! Flat Land (it says so on the Internet) — this is not a joke.

the middle Ages in the minds + Digital is the newest Education of the XXI century!

the middle Ages in the minds + Digital = global epidemic of the middle Ages in the minds, with all its consequences.

What to do with it and whether to do something?

“In a critical situation does not rise to the level of their condirepresentations and falls to the level of their competence”, — Archilochus.

Competencies of the XXI century: not to rely on Google, Wikipedia etc, having a basic knowledge about nature and the world, to read, download in brain knowledge and new experience, to think critically.

And another: to learn how to fight despair, to cut off panic. Hard to protect the world of his ideas from invading worlds of other people (especially those who have this Medieval world — bleak, hostile and angry).

to be Able to communicate, to quickly heal your emotional wounds and to always have in your “medicine Cabinet”: clever books, and surrounded by the people who develop and know how to think.

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