Husbands grandmother left a Frank admission in the Network

The young companion of the singer Nadezhda Babkina Eugene Mountains left Frank admission in his blog. Attention to the words of men – particularly large due to the hospitalization of the people’s artist.

Eugene rarely published in social networks, but this time decided to leave a message.

“So much of philosophy these days, he said. – Many things fall into place, a open really.”

Many were waiting for men to comment on the state of his famous wife, but it was limited to abstract discussions. He noted that many people discovered with the best hand. “With many distant become much closer! wrote of the Mountains. – My friends – infinite energy of happiness”.

When I received disturbing news of the room of Hope Bonner in intensive care, Eugene issued a denial. He said that Babkin supposedly sits at home and engaged in the life. But later still it became clear that Nadezhda Georgievna – double pneumonia and suspected coronavirus. According to some reports, a few days of 70-year-old star has been in a state of artificial coma and was connected to the ventilator.