Husband Todorenko said the harassment of his wife after domestic violence

MOSCOW, 26 APR — RIA Novosti. The singer and husband of Regina Todorenko Vlad Topalov in Instagram commented on the persecution of his wife because of domestic violence, after which it was stripped of the title “Woman of the year” according to Glamour magazine.

in addition, Topalov said that he will not allow anyone to insult and humiliate his family. He again stressed that everyone can make mistakes, but he will always be on the side of the family.

“it doesn’t matter you are right or not… We may be wrong, but I’ll always be a mountain for you! And the house’ll figure it out,” explained Topalov.

He asked to be left alone Todorenko, as it “has suffered enough and needles per day”. Topalov suggested “if you have something to say, say it to me”. In addition, he noted that by insulting him, someone may be a little easier and they “can truly be proud”. Husband of TV presenter also stressed that it is always open to constructive dialogue.

Earlier, the TV presenter Regina todorenko has appeared in the scandal center after an interview with People, Talk. She said that women themselves may be responsible for the fact that they were victims of domestic violence. Network users outraged by the statements of the presenter. They urged her to blame those who commit the violence. Todorenko later apologized for his words. However, the magazine Glamour stripped her of the title “Woman of the year”.