Husband blogers with a deadly tea-parties experimented with dry ice

Valentyn Didenko, lost her husband instabloggers Catherine Didenko, at a birthday party where three people died in the swimming pool with artificial ice, has previously conducted dangerous experiments. when is Catherine knew about the Hobbies of her husband and congratulated him on his achievements in social networks.

So for more than three months ago, Catherine posted a respective photo of her husband and reported that he “really got a bomb”, using a fire extinguisher, bag, MOP, and fire.

“Saliceti his debut?) Breakthrough: he came up, he bought everything, and conducted the experiment, not me)”, she wrote.

Below, she explained that the essence of this experiment in that the means at hand to dry ice.

“the continuation of the experiment with the dry ice will come,” she wrote.

Recall that the bath party in honor of the 29th anniversary of the couple, it is Valentyn Didenko ordered 25 kg of artificial ice, read the instruction on its application, which did not bother him, and poured the ice into the pool to retrieve a spectacular smoke. After that, the members of the party jumped in the pool. As a result three people, including the Valentine, was killed and several people were injured.

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