Ashes young blogers Tropical Nasti was buried at the Serafimovskoe cemetery in St. Petersburg.

She has not lost control a powerful motorcycle, which she bought recently. The girl fell to his death.

The pandemic coronavirus and closed borders Nastya’s parents are unable to attend the cremation.

And now, after a short time, her ashes were brought home and laid to rest in Serafimovskoe cemetery.

Grieving parents have established the burial place of the photo and Nastya – young and beautiful – writes StarHit.

To say goodbye to Tropical came not only relatives, but also dozens of her fans and admirers.

Nastya is 12 years old kept a personal blog, then became a blogger – millionaire. As did her followers, she has helped many to find their place in life.

“in a Hurry to live. For me in the first place was concern. I tried to care, had created for her all I could… She as a child didn’t understand that…She’s like a spark that flared and faded,” said Nastia’s father.

As previously reported, “the Rambler”, the mother of blogger Anastasia Tropical (by zubrin;) Oksana has published in Instagram video shot by the daughter two hours before death.

The woman reported that this is the last video in the phone, Anastasia. On account of the girl and her friend Victor Maydanovsky riding a motorcycle to Breakfast.