Garik Kharlamov was already five minutes to catch – in fact, his wife had already split up, there is a legal divorce.

And, as reported by the journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” colleague of the artist, hunting for a wealthy bachelor has already begun.

“of Course, Garik now teasing – all hunter of the rich in the area of Rublyovka and New Riga made it into the lists of their “victims”. There is nothing strange – the groom really enviable”.

According to Forbes, he was in the list of the richest Russian celebrities up to 40 years. The income of the artist is $2.9 million (208 million RUB) for the year.

And Garik, according to media reports, now does not miss any of more or less significant crowd where near him notice the different leggy blondes.

In addition, last week he managed to visit on birthdays at Laysan Utyasheva and Grigory Leps. In General, trying to have fun and enjoy the freedom.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, Kharlamov threw a party to mark the end of filming of one of the projects in the karaoke club on New Arbat street in Central Moscow.

It lasted 10 hours, and negotiating with the staff on its closing under a private event, the comedian joked that at the same time mark and divorce.