I think they could have seen with a little milder eyes on us, ” says the head of Tjølling hunter and fiskerforening, Geir Uno Attendant.

Sources confirms to NRK that the total bill, including customs duties, penalties, interest and vat, well over 900 000.

the Attendant says that they don’t know exactly what the amount is, but that it is not unlikely that it is so high.

– How to have a small club the opportunity to pay such a bill?

– We have almost as much money on the book, so we are pretty confident that we can manage it.

Use the birds for dog training

the Case began when the association imported fertilized eggs. These were hatching, and large pheasants and partridges were set out in the nature. Where were the birds used to train dogs for grouse hunting and competitions.

To import eggs was basically a reasonable solution. It to buy birds often costs over 200 euros per bird. Fertilized eggs costs on average between 15 and 20 million.

But such imports have a customs duty rate of 427 per cent. The reason is that the authorities want to limit importation. Thus, the fee is a little over 75 million per egg.

In the course of three years imported club 8430 eggs, because they are putting out new birds each year.

Tjølling hunter and fiskerforening located in the vicinity of the Klåstadkilen in Larvik.

Photo: Rune Christoffer Holm / NRK Continued to import

Even after that the club was made aware of the rules in the first year, continued it to import.

In several years, the society has tried to get the rate of duty reduced. The government has not gone on.

the Attendant thinks the rate of duty is unreasonable, but that they now want to get the matter out of the world.

We focus on to make up for us, and to operate the club on.

Contested dog training

to put the pheasants and partridges out in the wild is disputed.

Several believe the birds died of hunger and cold in the winter. Others believe the birds belong in the Norwegian nature.

Fuglehundklubbene must however set out new birds each year. The government has given a limited permission to this, but now works with a new set of rules.

the Club in Tjølling is going to continue as long as it is allowed. The Import of fertilized eggs are finished.

of course, We will not to to import eggs again, it says itself, ” says the Attendant.

– A regrettable case

Organisasjonssjef in Norges jeger – og fiskerforbund, Knut Erik Risvik, says this is a regrettable case.

the Club has obviously broken the rules for the import of eggs, and it is something they get sting for now.

Risvik says the club do not get financial support to pay the bill of them, but that they can offer advice.

Tolldirektoratet do not have the opportunity to comment on the case now because of the easter holidays.