Hundreds of unmanned vehicles with Yandex will head for the suburbs

Unmanned vehicles are no longer something strange for the capital’s drivers in Moscow they are tested on a daily basis. Now it became known that self-driving cars will release for testing outside the Moscow ring road.

More than 100 unmanned vehicles Yandex leave test the perimeter of Moscow and will travel on the roads of Moscow suburbs. According to “city news “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the NTI “Avtonet”, tests will be conducted by Yandex in cooperation with the Moscow road Institute (MADI).

Specifies that the suburban cycle road tests will take place on the major outbound motorways – such as Kiev, Minsk, Mozhayskoe, Novorizhskoe, Kashirskoe shosse. Also mentions “tracks Balashikha to Volokolamsk” – apparently this refers to the Gorkovskoe shosse and Volokolamskoye shosse.

the First drones may appear on suburban routes in a few weeks, that is, towards the middle of March-2020.

Motorists have to worry about the advent of Autonomous cars on public roads is not necessary because the driving test drones is always the driver-engineer, which monitors the traffic situation.

Text: Avtovesti