Out of the blue, about a year after Hugo Helmig last spring was taken in a kokainrus, who put his rising career on hold, he releases now the first part of an album that opens up for the dark side.

He knows well that he has failed. He knows well that he has made people bored of it. Now, he tries to explain himself and move on.

It is 19 minutes long mini-album, which has been given the title ’Lulu Vol 1.’ named after the nickname his mother gave him when he was little, begins precisely with a greeting to his mother, Renee Toft Simonsen. Her, there on unhappy show had to call the police, when she saw her son run psychotic around on the street:

“Oh mama, oh mama, I don’t want you to see. I gotta go if you call the police,” sings Hugo Helmig on the album perhaps the strongest number, ‘Curtains of My Life’, which goes dark R&B in the as a The Weeknd.

Already on his previous album ’Juvenile’, which appeared just before hell broke loose, he mentioned in a stanza, how the who ran cocaine down the drain.

Then he explained in a interview with B. T., that it was just something he sang that it might sound grandiose, and that it was pure fiction.

It turned out, alas, that it was not, and now open Hugo Helmig and therefore up and continues on the ’Curtains of My Life’ to sing about his qualms to lie to the world and its nearest.

“Won’t pick up the baby, stop calling, no dance, no wedding, no nothing,” says, among other things, a line that can be interpreted as a frustrated greeting to the sweetheart, Marie, who he became engaged in the autumn of 2018.

“Baby can you give me one more chance,” he continues on to his sweetheart at the beautiful klaverballade ‘Tell Me to Stay’, which the association provides to popkollegaen christopher’s Asia-hit ‘Heartbeats’.

Hugo Helmig is still only 21 years old. As the son of Thomas Helmig and Renee Toft Simonsen, and with gennembrudshits as ’Please Don’t Lie’ and ’Wild’ he rode on a wave of success, but he ended up, apparently, often alone, full of self-hatred and bad thoughts.

Here, it is wild to hear how so young a guy as another badboy-Bieber now must pull up in itself.

“Now it hurts when I look In the mirror. But I’m fine when you ask how I am,” he sings among other things, on the ‘Boys Don’t Cry’, there is a musical just gathers up the thread from the guitar sound, he came forward on.

Not all songs keep the same high level as the first åbningsnumre.

the Album is generally a fun mixture of dark R&B, playful productions and the abatement of cocaine abuse and loneliness, mixed with a few a little too quiet ballads.

in turn, he finishes strong with ’It Took Some Time’, in which he bites a little, and among other things, lashing out at the media.

“I don’t care if they write something new exciting shit about me. I almost never read,” he sings, and feel at the same time, misunderstood:

“It took some time to get over the worst of this shit. Surprised how much they all misunderstand.”

You must understand that his abuse was not due to a bit of festive tours of the city, but that the problems have occurred when he has been sitting alone at home with his thoughts.

’It Took Some Time’ ends the album with a fun, light almost country tone and thus hope for the future.

Hugo Helmig is still a huge talent. Now may the future show, about his slump was just a bump in the road.