In the Border, you are no longer over the top 6-locations or new ice-hockey triumphs. Today there is only one thing that counts for the south jutland sportskonglomerat:

To survive coronakrisen!

unfortunately, it is not a given that Jutland – who have professional departments within handball, ice hockey and football – survive the crisis, which the society is plunged into as a result of the worldwide coronaviruses.

“For south Jutland, it is about to survive the storm and stay alive,” says the chief of south Jutland-director, Klaus Rasmussen, to Der Nordschleswiger.

He can not guarantee that the south jutland sportsflagskib come alive out on the other side of the crisis. A closure is skrækscenariet.

“we try with all our might to avoid. But there are no guarantees.”

“We are one of the many companies in the entertainment industry, who are under enormous pressure. We will fight with everything we have.”

Coronakrisen has closed the majority of the Danish society all the way down – in the first place until after easter.