The said managing Director, Sam Zurbrügg on Monday in the Bernese regional journal of Radio SRF. He confirmed a message in the “Bieler Tagblatt”. For the GES over 80 vegetable farmers from the Bernese and Fribourg Zealand.

their plans had become known in late summer of 2017. The promoters, a blowing house was in an area of 80 hectares, which corresponds to the Size of 110 football fields. In question two sites – the a in the BE, and the other in Kerzers FR.

The cooperative has promised a more sustainable and greener to import scissors vegetable production: Instead of vegetable species such as cucumbers, tomatoes and Peppers in a large style, you should grow in Zealand. Outdoor cultivation is not worthwhile in many cases, or works, for climatic reasons, bad.

The huge greenhouse should make it possible to produce vegetables with significantly less energy and water. However, in the case of a type of consultation in the past year, there was a strong wind from different sides, such as Zurbrügg reported.

more than 100 jobs would have been created, “however, the municipalities all around, signaled us that they were not interested in this kind of jobs”. Because harvest helper its not a good taxpayer.

reservations in the Canton of Bern, the only areas still have a small Reserve of Fruit. The question was, whether they wanted to use them for greenhouses, said critics. Because the soil of a greenhouse is not considered as the fruit surface area – a result, even if the critics think is absurd, since the greenhouses contribute to more food security.

resistance also came from landscape conservationists. They feared a large-scale “glazing” of the Zealand.

Even if the plans for a Mega-greenhouse-is now off the table are: The purpose of the project, the cooperative is convinced. It now takes in the eye to build several smaller greenhouses. One of them would be about ten hectares in size.