A serious fire has been reported at a medical clinic in northern Tehran, with locals posting footage of an explosion at the site and images of thick, black smoke. Three people have been injured, officials said.

Iran’s ISNA news agency published footage of clouds of smoke over the scene, while other online videos which purport to have captured the incident showed flames and a descending whirl of sparks. 

The emergency services later said it was likely caused by the explosion of a gas cylinder used to store liquefied gas.

Twitter users said that the incident happened near Tajrish Square, one of the busiest areas of the capital.

#BreakingNews Footage allegedly shows an explosion somewhere close to Tajrish square, north of #Tehran#Iran. The cause of the explosion is still unknown.


Another view from tonight’s #explosion in the north #Iran|ian capital

شنیده شدن صدای انفجار در شمال تهراندر اثر این انفجار که در حال حاضر منشأ نامشخصی دارد، در منطقه تجریش دودی به هوا بلند شده است

Last week, a blast took place near a military site outside Tehran, with the Defense Ministry saying it was caused by a leak at a gas storage facility.

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