a Joint Italian-French-Saudi archaeological mission MADAJ under the leadership of Olivia muñoz during the excavations in the oasis of Damat El Jandal in Saudi Arabia have unearthed an ancient monument is a triangular shape, which presumably had a religious significance.

a Brief report open committed unified team of several organizations that appeared on the website of the National center for scientific research of France (CNRS).

Scientists say that unlike many prehistoric sites in the Middle East, the megalithic monuments of Saudi Arabia remain largely unknown. Even previously found on the fringes of the Levantine desert and monumental buildings made of sun-dried bricks, still keep a lot of secrets from the point of view of their design, purpose and age.

Perhaps even more mysterious object and found scientists from France, Saudi Arabia and Italy. They describe it as a monumental 35-metre-high triangular stone platform, which is located in the oasis of Damat al-Jandal in the North of the country.

Scientists believe that this impressive monument was built in several stages, and the beginning of construction they have dated to the mid sixth Millennium BC. The object is called exceptional, since no such design in this region has ever been found.

Archaeologists suggest that it was used for ritual purposes, and some of these practices could be burial. So, in the two side niches of this mysterious platform was discovered human remains.

in addition, in the immediate vicinity was found a few tombs, in which were found the remains of people. The study proposed a hypothesis that this object was originally used in prehistoric times by nomadic pastoralists.

analysis of the platform and the nearby tombs showed that the constant ritual use of this facility stretched for several years.

all the work published in the journal Antiquity.