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– When you wash your hands with soap and water or alcohol, so a part of the skin’s protective layer of grease be gone. For some it could cause the skin to become dry, ” says the specialist in skin diseases, and associate professor Jon Anders Halvorsen.

One of the most important measures to prevent infection of the koronaviruset Covid-19, is to wash your hands often, with soap and water, or håndsprit, according to the Norwegian institute of public health.

Håndsprit or soap with water kills namely fatty acids in the virus.

The outermost layer of the skin on our hands is called the epidermis, is under a millimeter thick, and consists of tettliggende cells that are glued together with fats. They can be compared with bricks in a brick wall, wood.

– the Skin may become red and irritated, or it can be a little bit white and flaky. Many will also be able to feel discomfort, a little stinging sensation, which are signs that the skin becomes drier, he says.

Can lead to eczema

hand Washing is a very important preventive measure against infection, and can therefore be a difficult balancing act for some.

It can help to wash hands in a proper and gentle way.

– Use the water and soap, rinse off with clean water afterwards. It is important to dry him gently but well, also between your fingers, ” he says.

For the moisture that is left on the skin can for some be unfortunate.

– Water alone can cause the skin to become dry, if it is and irritating on the skin’s surface. Are hudbarrieren damaged, it may dry skin and cause dermatitis in some, ” he says.

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Halvorsen, who has given out the book “the Skin is the god” and has its own hudlegepraksis in Oslo, believes some people are more prone to problems with the skin if it is washed too often.

– It happens in varying degrees because some people basically have dry skin. Especially people who have atopic eczema, allergitendenser, psoriasis and asthma usually have drier skin, ” he says.

Notice that the hands are dry, it can be useful to smear on a moisturizer, which helps to maintain the skin’s barrier.

The best is to find a cream which is quite greasy and sticky, but is still acceptable to use in the course of the day. Others prefer moisturizer that quickly penetrates into the skin.

Moisturizers that contain lactic acid or urea may be more effective to maintain hudbarrieren.

– Moisturizer in the evening, and at night the temperatures can be useful, that it lubricates with a thick layer before you lay. Use cotton gloves over a thick layer of moisturizer, will often lipid profile in fuktighetskremen pull better into the skin, ” he says.

NORMAL SKIN: do not Recommend the hand cream on a normal skin. Then it is best to let the skin get a life of its own, believes hudlegespesialist Jon Anders Halvorsen.

Photo: Kagge Forlag Not go for long

Hudbarrieren protects the skin against dehydration and prevents bacteria from entering.

If the skin is dry and hudbarrieren is destroyed as one can in a way say that there are tiny holes in the skin and then it is easier to get infections in the skin, ” he says.

If skin becomes red, swollen, itch and peeling, it can in some cases be helpful with a kortisonkrem in a limited period of time.

– Some people also need to maybe seek a doctor to prescription cream to soften on the eksemen. It can be more chronic if you choose not to get treatment. Don’t let it go too long, and before the skin becomes too damaged, ” he says.

Some people have more sensitive skin than others, and age can also have a meaning. He adds that there are many who have a strong skin and will withstand frequent hand washing.

Increased sales of hand lotion

He has not noticed any increase of patients with sore hands, but the pharmacies NRK has been in contact with reports that they have over 50 per cent increase in the sale of håndkremer and over a doubling of the såpesalg.

– It seems that people are a little reticent to seek medical attention now, but it could be that there is a change in the course of a few weeks, ” says hudlegespesialist Jon Anders Halvorsen.

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