In 2020, the Swiss watch brand Hublot is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the opening of a boutique in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. After the place Vendome in Paris, Fifth Avenue in new York, Rue du rhône in Geneva, new bond Street in London and Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong is the time of the street of Chuo-Dori in Tokyo — that there was opened the biggest boutique brand in the world Hublot Ginza, received the name “Hublot Tower” due to the 56-meter high façade.Hublot Ginza — the most original boutique brand in the world, a symbol of the combination of modernity and tradition that embodies the brand. Glass panels on the building facade mirror elements reflecting the light, Shine in daylight and shimmer in the night. On the first floor of the boutique you can find the complete watch collection of the brand on the ground floor, the second — the VIP room and exhibition hall on the third. Visitors are invited to enjoy a stylish, luxurious, open space. The interior of this largest boutique of the brand in the world with an area of 330 sq. m reflects another characteristic of the brand line, the important role of unique materials. Leather armchairs, the tables of ebony, marble floors, stairs with mirrored steel panels laser-cut and nine-meter crystal chandelier, which is rare for Japan, the object of the interior. On each floor exhibited artwork depicting watches and Hublot mechanisms.