For the first Time in the history of the Swiss women winning Duo at the beach volleyball world championship with a medal. Tanja Hüberli (26) and Nina Betschart (23) play today in Hamburg (De) world championship Bronze (13.00 against Clancy/Artacho, Australia).

“It’s great to have this record in our country. But even more pleasing it is to see that we play in such an important tournament against the Rest of the world and Switzerland to the semi-finals can bring,” says block player Hüberli.

And in the Final was very, very little. Against the Canadians Sarah Pavan/Melissa Humana-Paredes (world number 6) back to bite the Swiss after losing a starter pack (21:23) into the game. And how!

In the Know, to have the eighth – and quarter-final rotated, to rotate the Vice-European champion as properly. Because they didn’t care, that you with Pavan (1.96 m) one of the largest Block of players on the Tour have to win the second set with 21:17.

In the Tiebreak Hüberli/Betschart (world number 14) the last year’s Gstaad-victory interior a little, struggling but heroic and fight off six match balls! The seventh exploit of the Canadians on 19:17-set victory in the Final of the catchment.

In the quarter-finals, Switzerland have switched off the world number 4, Rebecca/Ana Patricia (Br),. And also because you gave the start set, and fought back. “What they have shown Tanya and Nina, is some of the best Swiss women’s beach volleyball, I have seen in my career. If not the Best! I’m incredibly proud of the outstanding performance”, says Philippe Saxer, Director of beach volleyball at the Association.

so Far there were two world championship medals for the Swiss – in the case of men: Sascha Heyer and Paul Laciga in 2005 world championship silver in Berlin (De), the brothers Paul and Martin Laciga in 1999, also a world Cup silver in Marseille (Fr), won.