Hubei want to leave the Russians 130

About 130 of Russians want to leave the Chinese province of Hubei because of the coronavirus, said press attache of the Russian Embassy in China, Georgy Egorov, the TV channel “Russia-24”.

still Lists are compiled about the time of the evacuation of people will tell you – it’s roughly 3-4 Feb. Egorov explained that to transport the Russians will be the aircraft of Russian air force.

On February 3, also planned for the evacuation of Malaysians of their Hubei. About 130 people will be taken on a Charter flight with AirAsia. Before that, they have to go and epidemiological control. After the flight passengers and 12 crew members will go on quarantine.

in addition, Malaysian authorities have decided to provide humanitarian aid to China. On Board will download their protective masks, gloves and other means of protection, approved by Beijing, reports TASS.

the Number of deaths from 2019 new coronavirus-nCoV in China has reached 304 people. Ill at least 14 thousand.