at some point you forget about it almost. You should be wearing a Smartwatch on the wrist and this download. Because, in contrast to the competition like the Apple Watch, which must every night to the power outlet the battery keeps the Huawei Watch GT forever. In the Test there were a good two weeks. Record for a Smartwatch!

And not in the saving mode. We have the clock with regular Tracking, 50 to 100 notifications per day, and continuous use tested. The charger comes in fact, only around every two weeks. Ideally, of course, if you want to not only count steps, but also to the sleep tracking. What is not so well possible, if you have to charge the watch all the time.

is The battery not holding a sensational two weeks

The great term is possible, for example, because a gigantic large battery is installed. The Huawei watch is bulky, but not thicker or heavier than other models. On the contrary, it is 46 grams, surprisingly light and looks really to watch.

The harmonious and high-quality Design made from ceramic and is only disturbed by the sports bracelet is made of silicone something. That’s fine, but it’s not just insanely beautiful. The good news is that You can connect any 22-Millimeter bracelet with the watch, so about a leather, textile or even metal.

there is Something to scroll disappointing, the range of number. Only 11 pieces there are to choose from. These cover a large part of the tastes, but since you can not configure, the selection somewhat limited. New Designs, if it exists, must be via Update on-the-clock load.

And so even a first Time addressed the biggest weakness of the Huawei Watch GT. You are not involved really in the System. It starts with the fact that the watch is a little coupled hidden on the Huawei’s Fitness App.

The smart functions are limited.

Also in the notifications, just the Feed is taken from the mobile phone. Also new Songs from the Spotify are displayed Playlist, in the same Format as mail messages, Whatsapp messages, or the current weather. Sometimes you can read a bit of Text, sometimes nothing. Like entries occur twice.

the functionality is Limited, because you can react to a message. Also there is no music player control, no calendar, and only a very rudimentary weather App. If there’s something will be is unclear.

Really points can Huawei only in the area of Fitness. Thanks to the sensor, you can monitor its heart rate permanently, Workouts, record and sleep in all the Details to track. This is all done excellently. At the time of sleep analysis, there is then in the App, detailed statistics and reports. As a nice Extra, you can also find a Barometer, a compass and an altimeter.

verdict: The Huawei Watch is the GT as a fitness tracker is excellent, as the Smartwatch is still in need of improvement. Especially the notifications area should be urgently revised. Then, the watch would be the incredibly good battery life, a great insider’s tip, with 199 Swiss francs are still really cheap.