Huawei brings people to the factories and increasing the budget for R & d

the Vast majority of Huawei employees went back to work after a stop of production due to the coronavirus, said founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

while the coronavirus pandemic has forced many companies in China to suspend business operations, the company’s engineers Huawei Technologies worked around the clock. “More than 20,000 scientists, experts and engineers were working overtime during the Christmas holidays, because we pursue the development of new technologies,” said Ren, calling the current job “something that will keep us at the forefront of global competition”, without revealing further details. The head of the company said that the United States will continue to increase the pressure on Huawei, therefore, we need to develop new technology before this happens.

however, Ren also noted that the full deamericanized will be ‘impossible’ for Huawei. “Some American firms Huawei needed as a client to survive,” said Ren, adding that due to the rupture of relations that have developed as a result of globalization, the victims are on both sides.

However, the ambitions of Huawei to overcome U.S. sanctions have been subjected to even greater pressure in the outbreak Covid-19, which started in China in January. Since then, the viral disease has spread throughout the world, which led to blocking of communities and destroying the economy. The epidemic escalated into a pandemic that has spread to 170 countries and regions, and forced more than one-fifth of the world’s population to remain in their homes.

Ren Zhengfei is confident that Huawei will be able to cope with the crisis. “Neither US sanctions nor the pandemic did not have to have a major impact,” said Jen . “We believe that the impact is minimal and we can overcome it”.

Despite the fact that the company also suffered due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Chinese PRosvidetel plans to increase the budget for research and development, and transferred thousands of employees to clock mode to continue active development in key areas. R & d investments will be increased this year to more than $ 20 billion. According to Jenvey, more than 20,000 scientists, experts and engineers are currently working overtime to develop new technologies.

part of the operations in the factories of Huawei resumed on February 3rd, when the Chinese government allowed to start the production of the most important industries, despite the General order to stop work. The Ren Zhengfei said that more than 90% of 150 000 employees back to work.

the Company revised its revenue forecast for the current year due to the coronavirus, however, would not articulate any predictions until next month, he said Ren Zhengfei. According to him, sales of smartphones Huawei outside of China are declining, however this decline kompensiruet high demand in China. This year, the company sells an average of 22 million smartphones per month, slightly more than a year earlier.

Although Europe is the most lucrative market for Huawei outside of China, currently seriously affected by Covid-19, Jen expects that the demand for networking equipment will remain strong in connection with the need of people in online services. “New technologies such as telemedicine, online learning and remote work, has proven useful in a situation of preventing the spread of diseases,” said Zhen. “Even when the West feels the growing influence of the coronavirus, most of our projects can actually expand their opportunities during the outbreak. There is a demand that we must meet”.