Huawei abandons its cloud brand in Russia

risks Sanctions forced Huawei to abandon its own brand, Huawei Cloud and go to the affiliate model: in conjunction with Sberbank, the company will develop the technology platform SberCloud. According to “Kommersant”, the company run the solution SberCloud.Advanced.

the Russian side has purchased for this server hardware and software the Chinese partner. Their operation, support, security and monitoring it will be carried out independently. How many partners will invest in the project has not yet been disclosed.

Huawei has entered the Russian market for cloud services in early 2019, when the company rented a 500 rack spaces in Moscow datacenters 3Data, IXcellerate and DataPro, presumably (according to the “Kommersant”), investing into the project tens of millions of dollars. Now a partner of the project by IXcellerate, which, according to one of interlocutors of the edition, the Chinese giant signed a contract for several years.

the Threat of sanctions is not the only reason for the creation of the new Alliance. According to sources, this cooperation clearly extends both sides. In particular, Huawei can thanks to numerous the customer base of the savings Bank to enter into all segments of Russian business, SberCloud will strengthen position in the market, making the competition not only domestic Cloud and Yandex Cloud, but claiming to be part of users of global cloud services, Google, Microsoft and Amazon Web Services.

the Expansion of Huawei outside of China is gaining momentum on several fronts. So, on February 28 the head of the Chinese technology giant Liang Hua said that the company will build France’s first outside of China plant for production of mobile antennas for 4G and 5G. The initial investment in the project will amount to €200 million.

the Major investments and job creation in the European country of Shenzhen will allow the company to consolidate its Polothe situation in the Old world, where she struggles for participation in the construction of networks of the fifth generation despite the efforts of Washington.