In the backstage area of the Zurich Hallenstadion reigns stage before the concert, the Backstreet Boys the highest level of security. The Interview room we are accompanied with Security and forewarned: Should we see a Backstreet Boy in the hallway – no photos scream, no spontaneous hugs. This is all happening already. As Howie Dorough (45) enters the room, he smiles charmingly and winks for the Welcome. It is smaller than expected. We have exactly eleven minutes.

Did it bother you to always be in the shadow of the other Band members, such as AJ or Nick ?
Howie Dorough : I want to be honest with you – there were times when it made me fucking sad. I mean, everyone wants to prove themselves yet. And if you don’t get the Lead Part, it was already hard.

With time, I’ve learned that it should be. I have also learned to be a team player. We are successful because we are how we are.

Yes. Thanks to my friends who have told me tough what is right or wrong, I’m not slipped. Also, I was in my family, the youngest of five siblings and was always well cared for.

… and my sister Caroline in 1998 to the effects of the autoimmune disease Lupus. Damn, has it really been 20 years?

I want to be as long as possible for my family. A part of me has fear of death – but this brings nothing. You have to enjoy life.

Hoke (10) after their deceased father named. Their second son, Holden John is six. What a role model you want for the two?
My mother always said Treat people how you would want to be treated. I want to pass on to my children.

My wife and my boys for the last three and a half weeks from London to Amsterdam with me on the go. Nick’s son was also here, but he is only three. My boys play more with Kevin’s boys, you’re the same age as closer. We are now a real family club (laughs).

Howie Dorough was on 22. August 1973 in Orlando, USA, the youngest of five children born. At the age of seven years, he played in Musicals and was in his high school graduation as a “talented Entertainer” appreciated. In 1992, he met his later band mate Alexander James “AJ” McLean (41) in a talent competition. A year later they founded together the Backstreet Boys.

opening act for DJ Bobo on the stage.
We still have contact with him. He is a great artist, one of the Best. Just today, I called him. As the last Time we were in Switzerland, he took us to the snowboarding. It is beautiful here, we love so much in Switzerland – especially the Fondue!

Exactly. You have children and bring them to our concerts. It is great to go together on this trip. Our music connects generations. Thanks to my parents, I’m a Fan of the Eagles.

choreography how to dance 26 years ago?
no, there are some that are already out there much longer than we. Take Madonna. Or the Rolling Stones. We are younger than the. We still have enough energy. We may not be able to jump at some point so wildly – but we are determined to make even 20 more years.