1/10 In the book we get to know Mummitrollet and his family for the very first time? Photo: Europafilm AS the Comet Comes Småtrollene and the great floods Trollvinter Dad and the sea 2/10 What is the name of the author behind the books on the Mummitrollet? Photo: REINO LOPPINEN / AP Tove Jansson, Astrid Lindgren and Anne-Cath Vestly Sofi Oksanen 3/10 Where was the author born? Photo: dia Sonja Siltala HKM 1998 / Jansson Tove, suunnittelija Atelier Fauni, valmistaja Helsinki Stockholm Turku Copenhagen 4/10 Who is NOT one of Mummitrollets friends? Photo: Moomin characters Snusmumrikken Sniff Myklene Snorkfrøken 5/10 In the two countries-the animated series, “In Mummidalen” produced? Finland and Sweden, Japan and Norway, Sweden and Russia, Finland and Japan 6/10 What kind of had has Mummipappa? Top hat Bowlerhatt Sixpence He had not been 7/10 What is the name of the sylinderformede creatures that are electric after a storm? Photo: Wikipedia Knattifnatter Hattifnatter Lattiflatter Strømmonster 8/10 What color is it on the mummihuset? Green Yellow Blue Red 9/10 In “the Sorcerer had” Mummi a mysterious hat. What is special with the hat? It can grant you three wishes if you take it in you can pull infinite amount of food out of the It is a hundred times bigger on the inside, All one adds in the hat is being transformed into something else 10/10 Finish the song: “With tail short and with the nose …” Is the friend with the small and friend with great Yes Mummi, he knows where you live, The best troll that exists on earth Ma mamama mama ma mamama, Your profit

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