Tamara Lisitskaya, writer, radio host, Minsk:

My prom was held mentally. Dance, however, almost could not – for the first time wearing high heel shoes. And then we have another whole class went for a walk along KIROVSKOGO reservoir: tried to sit down on every bench to give the legs a rest. But the atmosphere was still very romantic: guitar songs, contemplation of the water, the sunrise.

Antonina Popova, librarian, Rostov-na-Donu:

Concert, dance, and then in the morning we rode the boat on the river don. Home way walked on “stilts”, which made craftsman from the Sunny Armenia. Was very beautiful sandals with wooden platform tall heel. All this is painted in the burner designs, lacquer and stain, and top with a thin membrane of white skin. Sewing the dress itself is of white chiffon.

Oleg Zhdankin, Director of the Grodno zoo:

– the Usual, dancing at school – in 1981 I graduated from the school № 13 in Grodno, meet the dawn on the bridge over the Neman. Of course, no restaurants then ordered. But everything was interesting and fun. And I was young… It was a bright time, full of hope and rosy views about the future.

Ilona Sorokina, Director of Mogilev regional library:

For the prom we all were preparing themselves: a scenario room decoration. A separate story – the purchase of dresses and shoes. My grandmother lived in Klichaw district in the village and buy me an outfit we could only in the district center. And the school waltz I danced with my dad. Then the whole class went to see the sunrise to DC “Khimvolokno”. There worked all night the carousel and we ride for free.

Alla Gavrilova, designer, Sankt-Peterburg:

In classes covered tables, there was a concert. Such occasions, as now, we did not have. And be relaxed, as current graduates, too. In our class a few people even left the concert, went to engage with Tutors immediately after receipt of the certificates.

Polina Dontsova, student, Rostov branch of cinematography:

I decided that I would go only to the award of the certificate, and the money will be spent on something more useful and pleasant. So after the reception instead of the restaurant went to the photo shoot, which had long dreamed of, and then we with girlfriends went to a water Park.

Vladimir Eletsky, a local historian, Voronezh:

– Graduation from the us in 1964 was not: I f the village, all of our school – one corridor. Eight classes graduated from… I don’t think we do anything special celebrated the end of school, was not then such a setting.