Movie rentals not sdayutsya the proliferation of streaming services for video stores came hard times. In Germany their number over the past ten years has dropped from 2.6 million in 2009 to 345 in 2019. According to industry Association IVD, remaining afloat institutions continue to generate most of its profits from the rental of movies on DVD and Blu-ray media. What else are you doing German video rental for the sake of survival — in the material “Kommersant”.Who is stuffy and to whom holodnokatanyh made adjustments to the travel plans of people from different countries of the world. Many British families this summer, is planning travel abroad travel by car within the country. According to the OnePoll survey, commissioned by SEAT, on average, they expect to go for five days to a distance of 350 miles (about 560 km). The difficulties of the family, traveling by car and where does the air — in the material “Kommersant”. Test the patriotism of half of adult Americans at home the flag of his country. The survey company YouGov, 51% of respondents reported that they own a U.S. flag, 48% answered in the negative and only 1% do not know what is stored at their house. As Americans of different ages about their state symbols — in the material “Kommersant”. Coronation in kanadskijj COVID-19 is accompanied by a large number of unjustified assumptions about its origins. Insufficient knowledge of the virus creates a fertile ground for the spread of various conspiracy theories. Specialists of the company Vox Pop Labs conducted a study to understand how Canadians are receptive to such theories. In the survey participated 2.3 million adult Canadians from different regions of the country. In what are conspiracy theories related to the coronavirus, believe the people of Canada — in the material “Kommersant”.Andrew Egupets, Marina Kolokolov, Artem Kosenok, Olga Shkurenko