How to start the engine

Vladimir Putin continued a series of meetings on the situation in key sectors of the economy. This time we are talking about the car industry. A pandemic has broken the rhythm of economic life across the planet, many companies simultaneously was in very harsh conditions. Sharply reduced demand, broken ties, said the head of state. In the Russian automobile industry employs about 300 thousand people. In the first week of April, some producers almost stopped the sale. “What is dangerous, in General, we understand. First of all, risk of job cuts, lower salaries”, – stated the President. The plants are somehow “tied” thousands of businesses across the country. It is therefore essential, in strict compliance with sanitary and preventive measures “to lean on” the manufacturers to support the demand for products, Putin said.

Experience of anti-crisis support of the industry is: during the global crisis of 2008-2009 targeted solutions allowed to undergo a difficult period. Now the situation is more complicated, the President said, but a number of decisions already adopted: 12 brands included in the list of backbone and will be able to get loans for replenishment of working capital. Another solution is to buy additional for the Federal funds 1,200 ambulances for health facilities, it allocated 5.2 billion rubles, and the technique should come in as soon as possible. The President also said that the dealer network will be opened if possible, one of the first, but praised the work online or on the street.

the heads of the automakers spoke about the measures for the prevention of coronavirus in their enterprises and help doctors. The General Director of “KAMAZ” Sergey Kogogin said that in the first quarter the market declined by 15 percent, and three weeks of April, the decline in a number of segments by up to 95 percent. Almost stopped export sales. Therefore, the most important task is to maintain the demand within the country. The Kogogin asked to provide the advanced procurement of vehicles planned for acquisition in 2021 and 2022, to allocate dopsredstv on the program of preferential leasing and car loans, and also offered to produce special vehicles for disinfection.

the Head of “GAZ Group”, Vadim Sorokin was asked to focus the program of state support for the urgent public procurement, to extend this year’s program for the purchase of ambulances and school buses and upgrade the bus fleets of state-owned companies. The head of Sollers Vadim Shvetsov said that you need an emergency replacement commercial demand orders of the state. The head of “AVTOVAZ” IV Karakatsanis asked to increase spending on concessional lending program and extend these programs to provide preferential loans for doctors and to postpone the procurement of vehicles to 2021-2022 years this year.

Minist�� transportation Eugene Dietrich was asked to increase project funding for public transport next year from 4 to 10 billion roubles. The head of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis Manturov, speaking about the leading public procurement, offered a “move left” is not only 2021, but 2022.

after all, the head of state thanked for the fight against the coronavirus: “to overcome the threat, we must act as a United front and the government and businesses, NGOs, volunteer organizations – all citizens”. The President was asked to make balanced decisions on the operation of enterprises, taking into account all safety requirements to remove barriers to electronic services, including remote transactions. And then announced support measures. This year on preferential credit program will be additionally allocated 7 billion roubles. The program of preferential leasing of trucks and commercial vehicles will receive another 6 billion rubles. And 2.5 billion rubles will be allocated for preferential leasing arrangements to car-share.

Putin said that the need to allocate 5 billion rubles for the purchase of ambulances, and asked to develop a set of solutions that will significantly increase the demand for vehicles from the state and state-owned companies, it is possible to carry out the purchase early this year. He pointed to work out a program of upgrade of public transport. In addition, approximately 25 million new cars purchased in this year of the power structure, the President has announced and pointed to strictly control that agencies and state-owned companies bought equipment for the job, not foreign service.