the Main exhibition of the country invites you to celebrate the Day of the photographer. It is celebrated annually on 12 July. Guests can attend free lectures and master classes in photography, to make selfi on the background of the aquarium with the marine animals and take part in the competition for the best images of the Soviet era. With a full schedule of events can be found on the website of the exhibition

In honor of the photographer’s center of Oceanography and marine biology Moskvarium open. The location of this area — above the main sea aquarium will allow you to choose interesting camera angles. From above it is possible to consider a large water space and its inhabitants: sharks, rays and other exotic fish. The site is situated on the ground floor “of Moskvarium”, in front of the wardrobe. The entrance to it is free. Guests are welcome from 10:00 to 22:00.

And in the exhibition “Aquarium”, which is located on the ground floor of the center, will host a free lecture from photographers. It will start at 13:00 at the photo zone next to the main marine aquarium No. 73. Specialists will talk about and create portraits in the background of aquariums. They will reveal shooting secrets: what the fish react during a photo session, is it possible to use the flash, how to choose the right angle to get nice footage on the camera or smartphone. By the way, in the “Aquarium” you can take pictures not only with its inhabitants, but also with unusual art objects in the form of a giant shark, crab, dinosaur and a killer whale. Entrance to the exhibition “Aquarium” — for tickets.

to Use when shooting will teach the master class, “Seize the moment”. It will hold in the Studio in “Park crafts” (building 186, room “Space”) at 13:30. Photographer Daniel Sibirkin talk about the features of using pulsed light. In addition, you will practice creating images. As the model will perform professional ballerina. The lesson duration will be two hours. Participation is free, register by phone: +7 (903) 596-23-21. The maximum number of participants is 15. You must bring your digital camera.

international day photographer of the exhibition of economic achievements will be celebrated in the network. Museum of ENEA in honor of the holiday will add your library’s unique archival footage taken by Yuri Sudakovym. He is about 30 years working in the exhibition as a staff photojournalist. On the instructions of ENEA Budak including traveled in the USSR and abroad. The result of these trips were hundreds of photos. Now Internet users will have a unique opportunity to meet with them at any time. On the website your library July 12 to lay out more than 20 photos of 1950-1960-ies. This is photos of attractions exhibitions, among which stands “Peat”, “Grain”, the Industry square, as well as rare footage from his trips to Turkmenistan and Ukraine.

Also in the Day of the photographer on the official pages ��DNKH in the social networks “Instagram”, “contact”, “Facebook” and “Classmates” will be a competition. Participant can be anyone who will do the main exhibition of the country. Visitors of “Moskvarium” will also be able to join. For this you need to make unusual shots on the theme of water. For example, it can be a picture of the inhabitants of the centre of Oceanography and marine biology. They need to spread the hashtag #fotobank. The best works will select the exhibition team. The winners will receive prizes. The results will be announced July 20.

photographers ‘ Day is celebrated annually worldwide on July 12. On this date in different countries exhibitions, festivals, competitions, master classes and meetings on experience exchange.

ENEA is a unique public space with 80 years of history. The exhibition brings together 49 of the cultural heritage, including historical pavilions and fountains. The total area of exhibition — more than 325 acres. In 2019, the exhibition was visited by 33 million people.

the Capital gradually softens the restrictions that were imposed because of the spread of coronavirus. However, at ENEA continue to operate preventive measures. All visitors must use antiseptic, to observe social distance and other security measures.