How to protect yourself from coronavirus in the car, taxis and car-sharing

the deterioration of the epidemiological situation requires the Russians to take additional steps to virus protection – the wearing of masks to quarantine and isolation. And how to avoid those who every day goes on the car? What do the passengers of a taxi?

Travel by private car in the period of the pandemic COVID – at first glance, a good way to minimize the risk of infection compared to the use of public transport. Even officials who are advocating abandoning personal cars, now offer themselves for some time to forget about the “urbanization” and not to be UN-crowded buses or subway.

But the car is a high risk area, because the driver and passengers in constant contact with various authorities. How to best protect themselves during the outbreak of coronavirus? Below is some practical advice!

Total disinfection

According to who, the virus COVID-19 is easily transmitted by physical contact with objects that you touch. So the best friend of the motorist now is any available means of disinfection: from alcohol-containing gels and solutions to antibacterial wipes.

Often treat their hands and the controls, which regularly touch a steering wheel, gearshift lever and handbrake handle of opening doors, keys Windows and climate control and screens of multimedia systems. However, products made with leather upholstery must be careful because aggressive funds on the basis of alcohol can damage them. If there are passengers, also ask them to use the sanitizer.

car sharing before driving should be much more thorough disinfection of all places to which the user touches. The virus is able to maintain viability for two to three days. Considering what the “turnover” of users is present in the automobiles for rent, car sharing gets in GrupPU special risk.

Taxis in this regard, even safer as a passenger interacts with the vehicle at a minimum. Enough to wipe the handle of the door, buckle seat belt, just in case, wear a medical mask. By the way, taxi drivers, daily contact with a large number of passengers, sometimes coming up with very funny ways of protection from the virus.


Whether it’s a personal car, taxi, or car sharing, the driver and passengers in the car are together in a confined space. If someone from the inside already sick, risk of infection for the rest the maximum. It is therefore important to continuously ventilate the interior of the car, avoiding air stagnation. In many regions of Russia weather now allows you to drive, even with the window cracked open.

Appliances clean interior

Interestingly, in the free market there are many car gadgets for disinfection of salon. These include both quartz lamp, powered from the onboard network, as well as various air purifiers, ultraviolet emitters, and even special devices, disinfectants, spraying a formaldehyde solution, having antimicrobial action. Such devices are easily found even on Aliexpress, although the effectiveness technically nothing is confirmed. However, any additional measure can benefit.

No cash

Doctors are warning that the wandering from hand to hand paper money are hardly the most dangerous carrier of infection. In the period of the outbreak of coronavirus forget about cash payments and make the payment only in a contactless manner. This applies not only to purchases in retail stores, but also pay for fuel at filling stations, toll roads, Parking, car wash services purchase of spare parts and so on.

Fortunately, most modern smartphones are equipped with NFC modules, and the proliferation of retail outlets with contactless payment Russia – forwardand the whole planet.

by the Way, you can pay without even leaving the car – large networks of stations already have the appropriate application.


If you decide to eat, you may want to abandon a visit to a crowded caterers and cafes. And to give preference to those institutions that cater to motorists “take-away”. During the epidemic this service will certainly have many outlets and fast food restaurants – they should search the Internet.

Text: Avtovesti