First of all, it would be good to know how you come to the fact that in the case of other men, a lot more comes out than you. Because if you are, in this respect, especially to porn orientation, then you have a sensitive comparison field is selected. In the movies is faked often and violently.

on average, the ejaculate is a lot of two to six milliliters. This amount fits in one to two teaspoons. It is, therefore, often significantly less, than many men think. Why some men release more sperm output than other, non-white man. The amount of Sperm, can change when the same man from day to day. For some men it decreases when you ejaculate in short intervals, others have found no decrease. If you’re curious, you can insert it with the self-satisfaction of a break and see if it has an impact.

on The Internet a lot of tips or offers for pills to increase the semen amount in circulation. Scientific evidence there are but for none of the methods. Some of the men feel the influence, if you drink daily enough water.

Your ejaculation is allowed to you as an experience to be important, and it is nice if you enjoy them. Focus on your pleasure as to the amount of Semen alone. You can leave your cum, and watching, if you like. In some men the sperm from the Penis flows, to inject instead. This is absolutely normal. Pay attention to how you use the muscles in your pelvis in self-satisfaction. If you move your pelvis, this can affect the feeling during Sex, and the type of Ejakulierens.

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