Especially for “the Russian newspaper” Alain Lapitskaya, the independent expert on personal investment and gave tips on how to save money and earn during a pandemic.

the First thing we can do is save, and save – it’s almost as if the fallen earn income. The second is to intelligently allocate your savings.

Now is the Golden time of online shopping, including food. And right here we will be able to “hold their horses” in our wallet. If in a regular store, the temptation to throw in the basket with something delicious and at the same time is not very useful is very high, making online purchase, it is possible to follow the Golden rule of shopping “the list”.

in Addition, it is possible to clearly follow the plan, for online purchases there is the opportunity to review electronic shopping basket to see the total and remove items from the category of “want” and leave only those that are needed. Thus, it is possible to rationally assess your purchases and save on “impulse” spending.

Another chance to save your wallet is to start a war with bad habits. Sometimes spending on our little weaknesses make big holes in your personal budget. Some kind of pack of cigarettes per day value of $ 100 kills already 3 thousands per month out of your wallet. A can of beer every night – still the same. As a result, many do not notice, how from the purse begins to flow not just a trickle, but a river of money that goes into such “weakness”.

they Say that money is nothing to sneeze at. But sometimes they are lying in the pantry! That’s a third option not just to save money, but “earn extra money”.

statistics show that if you don’t use something for more than a year, you will not use it ever. Use the time provided the necessary isolation in order to disassemble the storage room, sorting through closet, perhaps find some items left over from old Hobbies. All these unnecessary things it is possible to sell to specialized trading platforms.

so, possible options to save you now need to enter in a competent personal financial plan.

the First thing that should start is to paint all the costs, from which he can not escape: utility bills, apartment rent, loans, food, and so on.

the Rest is just our “want” that are not required and which can be deferred a little later. New bags and pants are not going anywhere, even with huge discounts, but the remaining after mandatory spending amounts can serve you much better.

Funds that remain temporarily free you can invest in various financial market instruments to let and not for a long time, but gave some additional earnings. However, in the pool with his head to throwsmiling should not be.

There is a rule of the market, which one should always remember: with one hundred dollars million did not earn, so no need to go over promises light and big money in doubtful firms. If you are not confident in their knowledge regarding the financial markets, it is better to use more conservative and less risky option – the interest on the account balance at a Bank or a Deposit in a Bank with good conditions.

However, if the income so much reduced that nothing remains after mandatory payments, but even they are not enough, you need to have to “take the bull by the horns” and look for recovery options.

One of these options will appeal to the Bank. Always better to prevent trouble than to get out then. If you have a loan for which physically there is nothing to pay, as soon as possible contact your Bank and explain the situation, you may offer credit vacation, or at least the reduction of payment level of payment of percent on the loan, increasing the term of payments on the basic debt. It will be a better option than wait till arrears and to spoil credit history.

There is another option to get yourself as Baron Munchausen, from the swamps of lack of money by using a remote operation.

it All depends on your skills. You might be ready to write lyrics, maybe possess some skills in computer graphics, but it was just a hobby. Use the most of your opportunities and ability to find some part time job.