The Name already says it: Self-criticism everyone has even in the Hand. If you are not, once again, be fair to yourself, you have to remember, it has nothing to do with your upbringing or your environment, you alone are responsible for it. The Good thing: you can quickly change a thing!

Basically, a little sense of self-criticism in full. We reflect on our behavior and learn from it. Because it is virtually impossible to judge yourself objectively, it happens quickly that we are going much too hard with us to court. We want to continuously improve and learn. But we should not forget that it is also time in order to make a Stop. Our failures and weaknesses we weigh is usually more severe than our virtues and Strengths. Because the external pressure is enough, should not be done from the inside even more pressure.

Everyday praise

self-praise stinks, it means you shouldn’t take it to heart. Make yourself compliments and be fair to yourself. How it works best? With a simple step, you will feel instantly better. When you brush your teeth in front of the mirror and focus on something that you like about yourself. So, for example, your full head of hair, or her big eyes. Of course, you can also praise a inner property that accounts for your brilliant sense of Humor, your perseverance, or your neatness can be such things.

to Catch you, such compliments in your everyday life to integrate. Also, when cleaning, vacuuming or taking a shower you can praise yourself. They perform regularly in front of eyes, what Strengths you have and let your negative Inside, the reference to your weaknesses, not to win.